Motivational Monday

Hi! I'm Tabitha, and I will be your host. I want to start out by saying hello and welcome to a brand new week! There are six more days left for you to stop procrastinating and get your crap done. So why wait? Start now!

Does this message ever play in anyone else's head when they wake up and realize that it is Monday?

Monday's for me just aren't the same anymore. I used to work a full time Monday thru Friday job, but I realized that I missed my son too much. So, I quit to stay at home with lil man, enrolled in grad school, and now only work part-time on the weekends. Now, on every Monday, its the same ole crap, just a different day. Wake up, change lil man (I seriously can't wait until he's potty trained), make breakfast, jump on the computer to either read my daily blog reads or see what my professor has posted for the week (ah, the life of a grad student), maybe get dressed if me and lil man need to go somewhere, blah blah blah.

But... this post is not about the daily ramblings of a stay at home mom to a three year old lil man and grad student, it's about getting the motivation to make a change, and actually do something with my week. To set goals. And actually follow them! (while having a bit of fun in the process)

Here's a list of my five goals for this week:

1. Learn new smoothie recipes (because strawberries, yogurt, and pineapple juice just isn't cutting it for me anymore).
2. To turn my lil pumpkins into an owl, even though instead of looking like the pinterest tutorial, it may look like a pinstrosity.

3. To actually not wait till the last minute to read the required reading and write my five page law paper that is due on Sunday.
4. To eat a meal that doesn't come pre-made and in a bag with fries.
5. To get more sleep (although I don't think that with the required readings, this will happen)
My goals for this week are simple enough. After all, its primarily about motivation. Right?
Oh, and BTW... did you know that it's 10 more day till Halloween?!

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