que sera sera


*disclaimer- this post is brought to you by three shared bottles of wine :) (yes, i wrote it sunday night)

before i jump into this, let me see a show of hands of all the peeps out there that love some j.law. sure, she hasn't done anything noteworthy lately, but damn, she is so relateable. 

anyways, i was reading a post by whitney the other day, and something dawned on me... i haven't the faintest idea of who actually reads my blog. sure. i know that my mom and my bestie read it on an almost daily basis, and i have an idea of who is following via bloglovin, gfc, and social media (btw, i love each and every one of you!), but i don't really know who is reading what i write. and that's a little scary.

i guess it actually comes with the job, though. i mean, here i am, enjoying the fact that i am broadcasting my deepest, darkest fears, happy wants & dreams, and thoughts & feelings for whoever wants to read and actually getting off on their comments (thank the heavens that they are happy comments). shit, all i have to do is talk about the complete clusterfuck that is my head right, now, and i may just wind up in the nut house right next to whitney. sorry- that's for another post.

what i'm getting at, is that we bloggers put ourselves out there, knowingly. we know that unless the blog is private, whatever we write and publish is public. public knowledge. and we are ok with that. yeah, book me in nut house room 39, and is there anyway that i can get a massage on admittance?

but my question is... can what i write affect my chance of obtaining gainful employment? i mean, you guys only know me as tabitha r or tl_tinywishes, right? and if you google me, i really think you will find a lot of results- 13 million to be exact- and that's awesome! for reals.

back to my question- since i have the anonymity going for me, i don't tell interviewers that i have a blog, and i'm not talking about the "shittier parts" of my life, can having a blog actually affect my chance of getting that big girl job? cause i hope the hell not.

and i really hope no ex-friends or ex-boyfriends read my corner of the dot.com world, cause that would just be super awkward when i use them for a laugh... right whit?

but then again... que sera sera.


  1. I as Laney read your blog. I'm thankful you posted about this due to what happened to me tonite.

    I'm 30 and a southern right down in middle of south west ga. I am blunt. Honest. And love owls.coke.family.my man and the beach.

  2. As a teacher, I often worry about parents reading my blog. For the most part I try to only write things that I wouldn't mind anyone reading. I think the hardest thing is knowing that they might read the personal stuff. It's funny how you don't mind strangers reading your internal struggles but the idea of someone I know reading it bothers me.

  3. I deleted my old blog and created my new one trying to not include my real name anywhere because social media can effect a position, especially in my field (teaching). I dont give the URL out and I hope it keeps it secret but ya never know bc like you said it is a public website.

  4. Essentially, anything at all that you put online can have an impact on future employment, either positive or negative. In today's world, it's practically unheard of to find anyone who doesn't have some kind of online presence, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc. A general rule of thumb that I follow is to imagine the bare minimum that I would be willing to tell someone who I didn't like, or who I know didn't like me, and share just a little less than that. Generally, if you're careful, it's pretty easy to remember! :)


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