things that irritate me

*today's post is brought to you by yet another sunburn... #redheadproblems


happy wednesday friends! 

instead of my normal humpday confessions, i am going to talk about some things that irritate me.. k? k.

1. blog design. i've been talking about this thing since last week, and you know what i've done? nothing. nada. zilch. sure, i've changed my profile pics, on all of my social medias, to match each other, and gotten my color scheme almost down pat; but as to changing anything on the blog- yeah no. i really think it will be july before this damn thing goes live. #bloggerproblems

2. sunburns. if you don't follow me on ig (shameless plug) then you wouldn't have known about my other sunburn- aka the one i got two weeks ago. yesterday we were at the beach, and even though i put on sunscreen, i still burnt. hello, my name is tabitha, and i am part lobster. #fyousun, fyou

3. people that think having a baby will make it all better. listen up yo, a baby will not make a relationship better, it will not make a person grow up, it will not put a ring on it, and you are dumb for thinking that. the end.

4. people that bitch about how hard it is being a parent, and then in the same breath announce that they are pregnant with their 2nd, 3rd, etc child. c'mon, really? i'm so tired of hearing people doing this. yes, children are a blessing, and no, you shouldn't apologize for having another, but stop bitching about how your children drive you nuts (we all know they do), and take some flippin birth control. 

5. 16 & pregnant. i was watching a couple of episodes last night- because i couldn't sleep- and i wanted to throw the remote at the tv. there was this one guy that got pissed at his gf because she she didn't want to have sex with him (she was afraid of getting pregnant again), and she was like "well it feels like you're just with me for the baby". his face said it all. oh, and she got pissed at him for not holding his son in 4 days. his response- that's your job, and i want him to be independent. the kid was 3 months old. #growthefup #useprotection

*please don't take offense if you were a teen mom. i am just tired of people saying woe is me, and boo hoo, i have a baby, but i have to finish hs, and it's so hard. we all get it. if you were the exception, you are amazing- btw, i know a few. 

6. driving. i'm going to do a whole post on this one. 

7. the beach. don't get me wrong, i love the beach, but not the hot as hell sand, the skinny bitches in bikinis that make me feel self conscious, the sand in my ass, and the nasty water- i live in indiana, and going to the beach consists of swimming in lake michigan. basically i would rather clean up dog vomit then swim in the water. ick. but my feet still like to soak in the water, and the exfoliation is amazing. 

ok, i think i'm going to stop there... sure there is more, but i really don't want to sound like a bitch- which i promise i'm not. sometimes it just feels good to get some shit off your chest, especially when your linking up with kathy. oh, and the lovely liz for some blog hoppin'!


  1. Hey Tabitha!!! Getting the perfect blog design can be very time consuming and I totally get the frustration! Also, I catch teen mom from time to time and these boyfriends are SUCH d*cks!! I want to just slap them through the t.v. Like seriously!! I love the beach but its just so darn hot and messy sometimes!! haha and if you burn easily it can def. be daunting. Great post post Tabitha!! :) XO


  2. This will sound crazy, but black tea will heal sunburns. Draw a hot bath, throw a couple gallon sized tea bags in, let brew (lol) and them soak yourself. I'm not kidding, I've done this and it totally works.

  3. Yes I agree with all of the above.
    From experience having another baby is going to make the relationship worse but then you might grow some balls and leave the stupid asshole...ya know just speaking from experience HAHA

  4. Ha! I love the beach but hate all those things about it too. Not much love after all maybe...

  5. I'm excited to read your driving post. I already know it is going to be funny. I have a friend whose husband can't help out much with the 3 kids they have due to his work schedule. She complains about how she has to do it all (which is a valid complaint). The problem that I have is STOP HAVING KIDS! You have three and you already aren't getting all the help you need. Along the same lines, another comment that mom's make (I'm guilty of it) is when they are complaining about their kid(s) and in the same breathe they say something like "but I love them with my whole being". You don't have to reinforce that you love your kid (of course you do) just to complain about motherhood.

  6. nooo i LOVE the beach. everything about it. what i wouldnt give to be on one right now.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Omg when people complain about how hard it is to be a parent but are expecting baby number 3 - I'm like " Bitch please, I can't trust you" haha


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