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a few weeks ago, i purchased the ulta summer glam beauty essentials sampler kit, and completely fell inlove. honestly, i was hesitant about buying it, because it cost $28, but soon discovered that it was well worth the price and more!

the kit includes: 

the kit is supposed to be full of deluxe and regular samples of the summer's seven must-have beauty essentials, but the first thing i noticed was the full size laura geller eye shadow and stila lip glaze. that right there is a combined price of $27, so you can figure out why my hesitation went away. and both products are amazing! i had never tried a cream eye shadow before, but when applied first, the rose gold is a beautiful color and acts as a "primer" for the other colors. and the lip glaze- such a beautiful, sheer pink.

i had always wanted to try butter london's nail polishes, but i wasn't willing to pay the $15 for a bottle. so basically, i was excited to try the deluxe sample. the nail polish was a beautiful red/pink combination, and the polish actually goes on like paint- which is odd for a nail polish. but it stayed chip-free for over two weeks on my toes (i went for a pedi with my mama for her birthday), and i was wearing flip-flops almost the entire time. definitely would be worth the price. 

the mascara is more for lengthening, but it's a strong contender for my bad gal lash (which i love). i wore it to the beach, and guess what? yep, no raccoon eyes. and i love me some bronzer, especially ones that smell like chocolate. btw, the bronzer also works for a wide range of skin tones, as it is super build-able.

unfortunately, i really wasn't a fan of the lash genius. maybe, i just didn't use it right? i don't know, but it didn't do anything for me. and i was severely disappointed in the size of the porefessional- it was super tiny. i mean, i love me some porefessional, and just wish it would have been bigger. but then again, i didn't buy the kit for the benefit product inside. 

this is the reason i bought it and you should too:

so let's do some math (rather, i will do it for you)
anastasia lash genius (0.11 oz)- worth: $12.16 
benefit the porefessional (0.1 fl. oz.)- worth: $4.13
butter london nail lacquer in snog (0.2 oz.)- worth: $7.50
laura geller beauty cool lids cream eye shadow in rose gold goddess (0.26 fl. oz.)- full size: $19.00
stila lip glaze in strawberry lemonade (0.05 fl. oz.)- full size: $8.00
tarte lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara (0.16 fl. oz.)- worth: $13.34
too faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer (0.14 oz.)-worth: $12.00

add it up: $76.13

therefore, you are getting $76 bucks of product for $28. yep, that's an amazing deal.

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