askin' the man on the moon for another week like this

yesterday i was reading haley's post. she was talking about her life as a stay at home mom, and even tho it's not glamorous, her story still matters. i loved the way she shed a different light on being a regular mom with a loving kid, who doesn't always plan "this is going to be blogged about" days. and it made sense. another post that further hit home, was samantha's post about her plans for an "adult weekend". as she put it: things she was doing as an adult with two kids: normal weekend stuff. go read it to see what i'm talking about.

why am i starting with this? earlier in the week, i was kinda bummed that i wasn't able to link up with sarah and helene for the second #totalsocial: what does your 9-5 look like, because i felt like i didn't have anything blog worthy to share. i mean, who really wants to read that i wake up, change a diaper, watch some tv, maybe clean, maybe get dressed, etc. it ain't glamorous. i mean, sure i'm a crafty person, but i don't do crafts on a daily weekly basis; i love make up, but i don't put it on daily; i love my son, but i hate his tantrums, and sometimes i really don't like going outside... yeah, this list can go on and on.

i guess the jist of all this is: i have wants and dreams and advice to share, and my story matters. 

anyways, on with the show.

happy friday friends! 

today is the day that we take a look back at the awesome moments from the week! 

one | for my mom's birthday on sunday, i took her out for mother/daughter pedis, and my nails look seriously amazing! word to the wise- don't wear a maxi to a pedi- it's uncomfortable and the back of your dress will get wet.

two | if you're a regular rider on this crazy train, then you would have known that also on sunday we (my family & i), threw my mom a surprise 50th...  basically pedis + family + a bottle of champagne + three bottles of wine + fireworks + bonfire = best. sunday. ever. (#sorrynotsorry for the 2nd recap- it was the highlight of my week)

two | the hubby has been talking about doing "family things" because apparently i suck, and spend all of my time on the computer doing who knows what; so when a friend invited us to the beach, i had the bright idea to say sure. long story short, overall it was an awesome day, but i am not a fan of the beach itself- i am still lobster red (i did put on sunscreen and it wasn't expired) and we were all so tired afterwards. 

three | target's cartwheel app had a coupon for 40% off of flip flops this week.... and yep, i stocked up at $1.50 a pair. score!

four | my favorite summer show- rookie blue- is back! i am so happy! even though i am seriously missing grey's and chicago fire, the hottie cops in rookie blue should be enough to hold me over till fall :) 

five | i heard this song on the radio the other day... and yes, i am a country girl at heart. enjoy!

well, that was my week! how was your's?

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  1. Hello from the link up! Thanks for sharing about how your life still has meaning even though you don't work a 9-5 job, you are working around the clock to take care of your little one! I'm a stay at home wife and sometimes I feel the same way...doing dishes and laundry isn't always the most glamorous thing but this arrangement is what works the best for me and my family! Glad you got to spend some time together with your family; it looks amazing! Hope your weekend is as fabulous as your week was! xoxo

  2. Hey Tabitha!! I LOVE the opening story!! It is so very true, everyone's story matters and I am so happy you know yours does too!! And hola to $1.50 flip flops, I swear I live in those lol!! Great photo's too!! I am now following in GFC so I can keep up w your lovely posts!! Talk soon my dear and hagw!!! XOXO


  3. I bought Revlon's Moon Candy nail polish from Walgreens today and it was the worst nail polish ever. It cost like $9 and it sucks :(

  4. Very nice!!! Your life definitely matters. It may not seem that way now but one day you will look back and say, 'I am glad I stayed home with my lil man!!'.


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