i'm not slurrin' my words, i'm speakin' in cursive

yeah, that pretty much sums up sunday...

anyways, happy monday friends! sunday was an amazing day. not only was it father's day, it was also my mama's 50th birthday. yes, i just said fifty.

wait, i'm getting ahead of myself- so allow me to explain the awesomeness of sunday!

well, my mama, being my mama, told me, my brother, and my dad that she didn't want a party to celebrate the fact that she was turning a half a century, but she was kinda bummed that she had to share her day with father's day. so after all the shit that my mama has gone through over the past week (to preserve her privacy, i told her that i wouldn't talk about exactly what), the three of us conspired to throw her a surprise party... 

to start off the day, me and lil man went to give my dad and mama their respective gifts, and then i took my mama for some mother/daughter pedicures; which was definitely needed- at least from my point of view. 

after gettin our nails did, we went home... and then my mama started freaking out. you see, we had planned a "family" cook out that she knew about, but dad told her that alot of the invited people couldn't make it (on the flip side, i think it kinda hurt that she thought the people didn't want to spend her birthday with her- but it was for the greater good). so when she saw a bunch of cars in the driveway, she started freaking out on me. 

but it was all worth it. because when she saw all the people, she almost cried. 

i could go on and on about the food we ate, the stories we told, the gifts my mom received, and the fun we had, but i think i will let the pictures do the talking...

because once the wine cork was popped, everything else went downhill, esp my mama. 

pedis + family + a bottle of champagne + three bottles of wine + fireworks + bonfire =
best. sunday. ever.

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  1. Sounds like a great celebration! A mani/pedi is the perfect mother/daughter date!

  2. Hey Tabitha!! That sounds SO nice!! And it looks like everyone had a grand ol' time!! So sweet of your family to do that for her!! Beautiful photo's too!! :D


  3. What a fun celebration! I can't wait to heal so I can enjoy me some wine again.

  4. You look like your mom that's for sure. A pedicure is always nice. It's always great to have though. I enjoy them.


  5. Oh my gosh.. you did have the best weekend ever! :) Looks like a ton of fun!

  6. Looks like so much fun!! BTW you drinking right from the bottle made me laugh out loud! Love it!


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