the dog says it all

happy friday friends!

guess what! i'm actually on top of my shiz, and this post was scheduled last night! score!

so onto my week :) 

one | i went to the doc on monday, and well, i was right about the whole surgery thing. it's scheduled for july 3, which sucks but it was the first available date, and i am seriously freaking out. i know it's only gallbladder surgery, and complications are rare, but it's my first actual "organ removal" surgery... and they said something about putting a tube down my throat. um, yeah, not cool. apparently i will be asleep for insertion and removal, but come on. i know i'm being irrational about being scared, but i really don't like being in pain or taking meds. for example- after my c-section, i chose darvocet over tylenol 3- because i didn't want to be "high" with a new born. and apparently my endorphins were at an all time high, because i really wasn't in pain. whatever- off subject again, so we will just move on. 

two | i am finally getting my head together, and starting to fill out job applications. i have found some positions that i really want, so hopefully i will have a full-time position by next month. 

three | we went to golden corral this week for dinner, and even though the service was crap, we still got cotton candy :)

four | on wednesday i confessed that it's my mom's 50th birthday this weekend, so to celebrate i am offering everyone a 50% off coupon for the etsy shop... here's the code... birthday50 yes friends, now is the time to grab up one of those blogger wine glasses that you have been dying to get your hands on :)

five | my budding love for peonies has given me the motivation to grab some vases from home depot and fill them with the beautiful flower... unfortunately, i will be going today to grab said vases, so you should see them on next week's recap.

six | i'm getting ready to do a blog redesign soon, so be looking out for it. i know i just redesigned like two or so weeks ago, but seriously i don't like it- it's a good thing that i did it myself, or i would be so mad. i am still in the designing process, but one thing's for sure- i want something romantic, centered around pink, and representative of what i want this blog to be.

seven | i really love music, but i don't have anything new for you guys this week. sad face. but i do have one of my favorite train songs... 

yeah... so i'm gonna go grab a glass of wine, and hope for a better week next week! 
oh, don't forget to wish your dad, step-dad, grandpa, or father figure in your life a happy father's day on sunday :) 
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  1. Your little guy is so cute! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. It's almost 5 o'clock right??? Can't wait to see the new design! Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Once you get that gallbladder taken out you will be happy to swallow those pills. I got that tube down my throat just Wednesday and you won't even know except that your throat will be sore. Ice cream and chewing ice was very helpful. You do have a bad surgery date but I do know how ready you are to have the pain gone.

  4. I had gallbladder surgery 11 yrs ago July 28 and I still have problems and have had a colonospy and Endo and they found out i have two things but still its due to lack of gallbladder. Some people dont have issues afterwards. Some do. I was told that after surgery i wouldn't have indigestion anymore and that's a freaking joke and a lie. B/c i have since then and at times worse. Nexium helps and now that it's over the counter it helps. prilosec and privesed dont work for me.


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