let's talk pixi

happy thursday friends! i have finally found a brand of makeup that i want to introduce to you guys! 

do you remember when i talked about the difference between retail and drugstore brands of makeup? well, the brand that i am introducing to you today is, in my opinion, retail quality at drugstore price. what is that brand of makeup, you ask?

it's pixi beauty!!! 

pixi makeup review

pixi was founded by a woman named petra strand, who has over twenty years experience as a makeup artist & product developer. it was created over ten years ago, and actually first launched in a boutique in soho, london. 

and as a plus, when asked about animal testing, pixi said, "Pixi does not test on animals, nor do we have any other parties, such as suppliers, conduct any animal testing on our behalf. Pixi uses only the highest quality ingredients which have a proven safety record and are widely used in the cosmetics industry." (pixi website) um, yeah, that's a plus in my book!!

pixi features an amazing line of mascaras, eye shadows, primers, foundations, blushes, nail polishes... well, basically everything you could want from a makeup line. and the best thing is: you don't have to spend an arm and a leg- you can buy everything at target. yes, i just said target

i am a little picky about my products, but the reason that i love pixi is the fact that its like getting high end products for pennies (not really- but you get the point). 

a few of my favorite products from pixi include:

h2o skintint in nude | $24 
a tinted face gel that is cooling to the touch- this stuff is paraben and fragrance free and features green tea, rose water, chamomile, and lavender. i love how it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and gives me light coverage for the summer. 

shea butter lip balm in comfort clear & pixi pink | $8 
first off, this may resemble chapstick- but it ain't! it's not sticky, smells amazing, and lasts for-ever (seriously, the pink lasted for 4 hours!). 

tinted brilliance balm in unique pink | $14
ok, this stuff is just simply amazing. while hydrating and protecting with jojoba oil, rose extract, and many other lovely things, the balm features a personalized color- unique pink is the only one when the color depends on the ph level of the lips. pretty awesome, if i may say so!

its ingredients include lavender water and aloe vera, and benefits are endless. basically this stuff really brightens my eye area, and being a mom, that is the best thing ever.  

have you ever tried pixi? what did you think?


  1. I've been eyeing pixi my last few target trips (today's trip included) but have yet to bite the bullet. Now that I know a little bit more about the products I may have to try 'em.

  2. I love Pixi too, its by far one of my favorite drugstore brands. I love all the things you mentioned, the price is good, a bit high for a drugstore imo but thats ok because the quality is amazing.



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