last h54f of june {& a giveaway}

happy friday friends! first of all, i want to thank you all for the amazing amount of support i received after wednesday's confessional post. you gals have no idea how much it has meant to me, and uplifted my heart. much love to you all.

this week hasn't been a bad one- of course compared to next week, it was like i hit the jackpot, but i guess that's life, right. yeah, that surgery is still on my mind. anyways... a look back at the best moments of my week...

one | since the weather has been relatively nice (a couple of rainy days monsoons here and there), lil man and i have spent a majority of the days outside and lounging in my parent's pool. it has been amazing on my whole "weight loss" thing, and lil man has been taking more naps (which is great for my sanity).

two | after i got off work on sunday, the hubby decided to join lil man and i for a swim. well, lil man didn't have a nap all day, so after swimming, he crashed out on my parent's couch- and it gave me and the hubby some time alone to go for a mini date. and yes, it included ice cream :) 

three | there is a sub place in town called firehouse subs, and the hubby and i had been talking about taking lil man for the longest time. so after the hubby had a procedure done for his back on tuesday, we decided to stop for lunch. lil man loved it- mostly due to the fact that it was like walking into a fire station and instead of a toy, he got a fire hat with his kids meal. and the food wasn't bad either. btw, lil man is obsessed with fire trucks. 

four | a trip to ulta at the beginning of the month yielded a crap ton of free samples, and one of those samples was the living proof perfect hair day trio (shampoo, conditioner, & leave in)... well, i finally got around to using it. honestly the shampoo and conditioner didn't do anything for me, but the leave in was ah-mazing. my hair was so smooth and bouncy and frizz free just from blow drying

five | i ordered some shirts from oakleigh rose, and i can't be happier with my choices. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures, but you can see what i bought herehere, and here. i seriously love shopping with oakleigh rose- they have amazing customer service and shipping is super fast!

six | i heard this on a gas station run the other day and it brought back so many memories... and now i want this phone case...

seven | i finished a fun summer themed wine glass that i will be sending to a friend, but you can get your's in the etsy shop :)

or you could enter the giveaway below for you chance to win a custom wine glass from my shop and lots of other fun things... 

good luck in the giveaway! 

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  1. So exciting, id use the large for french twists.

    FH subs are amazing and how awesome for your mini date...some ice cream sounds amazing right now.

  2. I would use the large for french twists too (:

  3. Hey! Swinging by from the blog hop, thanks for joining! What a beautiful family you have and that love, dream, blog glass is awesome, I love it!!

  4. That wine glass is adorable!! I hope you have a great weekend! Ulta always gets me in trouble..I walk out being so poor haha.


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