sunday social

happy sunday friends!

today i decided to be different, and actually post, and participate in sunday social. why you ask? well, because i finally feel like i'm starting to get my shit together... and i need to take a break. ha! anyways- first some news.

one | you know that much awaited blog redesign? well, lil man fell asleep early not one, but two nights this week, and i was finally able to work on it. i am super excited! i redesigned my about me page, and i'm adding a "best of" page also. i also decided to make it go live in july. #newmonthnewme

two | to celebrate the blog redesign and the birth of our great nation, i will be offering a discount code for the etsy shop in july.... oh yes, be excited. because i am also going to be throwing a summer sale! 

three | i finally found a planner that i am seriously psyched for. no, i am not talking about the coveted whitney english or erin condren planners... i am talking about the beautiful and simple family planners from plumpaperdesigns. i will be buying it this week, and i would like to send a big thank you to anne for introducing me! 

well, that's all i got, so let's get social!

Sunday Social

one | what's your favorite scary movie?
i have so many, but my top would have to be the nightmare on elm street series- i own all of the dvds.

two | what is your favorite weird tv show you think no one else watches?
mysteries at the museum on the travel channel. basically the show showcases five objects from different museums all over the US, and tells the story behind it. i have over 10 episodes on my dvr... i love history, what can i say?

three | what is the song you can sing all the words too without any music?
don't laugh... "wannabe" by the spice girls. i was in elementary when it came out, and well, apparently it was the big hit. and it's practically my go-to song in karaoke. another one is "write this down" by george strait. i guess i should have picked that one first, huh?

four | what is your favorite book to re-read?
belly laughs by jenny mccarthy or are you there vodka, it's me chelsea by chelsea handler.

five | what is the one website that you visit more times a day than others?
indeed and pinterest.
i guess you can say that i am looking for a job, and in the meantime, things to fill my time?

that's all folks :)


  1. You won't be disappointed! I may forever be the unpopular blogger if I admit this but here goes...I like too better than my Whitney English planner! Can't wait to check backhand see the changes you are making to the blog!

  2. I checked out that planner and it is awesome! I love the weekly layout. I also love those 2 books. I can read any of Handler's books over and over.


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