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Sharing my June Goals | a hundred tiny wishes

I've decided that maybe monthly goals really aren't that bad... I know that after my May Goals post, saying that is really hypocritical, but here's the thing: short-term goals are better to make than long term ones. They are more attainable. Like I have alot that I want to accomplish personal wise and blog wise by the end of the year, but I can't really do everything that I want to do, because there are necessary steps that I have to take. In example: in January, I wrote a post about seven things that I hope to accomplish in 2016, and buying a house was one of those. The goal itself is attainable, but not something that can be immediate. There are steps that I must take to achieve such a goal. So making monthly goals and posting them here on the blog seems like a perfect place to hold myself accountable for the simple steps. Therefore, when December 31 comes around, and I am asking myself why the heck we aren't in a house, I can look back and figure out what went wrong. 

Since I just gave you some round-about logic about goals, I'm going to recap my May goals, and let you guys in on my June ones. 

May Goals Update

Personal Wise
-Dedicate time to teach Lil Man the basics of kindergarten. 
There is so much that Lil Man needs to learn before August, and my goal is to spend at least an hour a day with him, teaching him. 
I decided that this one is going to be an ongoing goal. It's not just a "hey, I did it, so mark it off the list." It's going to be like laundry, it's something that needs to be done each month. 

-Date night
I miss my hubby, and he misses me. I have decided that we need to have date nights, and in order to put this in place, I need to get my parents on board.
So this one is still in the works, but we have been finding ways to spend some quality time together: like after Lil Man goes to bed, the hubby and I will watch some tv and cuddle on the couch. We find time to talk and send texts & snpchats to each other. Hey, when your're busy & have a kid, you gatta do what you gatta do, right?

Blog Wise
-Design changes
I read somewhere that to be taken professionally, you need to look professionally. To me, my blog is not screaming professional by any means. So I am going to fix it:
  • I am looking at new overall designs, and will be buying a new template by the end of the month. A new header font is in the works also. 
  • I am also looking at either getting head shots taken or just doing them myself. my current picture is cute, but not "pay me to review your shit" cute. I need something.... um... professional.
  • By the end of the month, I will be dropping the .blogspot.com.... meaning that I will be grabbing a domain finally. 
  • I currently use Canva for alot of my "words on pictures" and my header font- clicker script- just isn't coming through the way that I want it to. I like the whole consistency, so the font has to change. So I need your help... which one looks better?
So I didn't buy a new template or get head shots done, but I did make some amazing changes: new header, picture, & domain; pages were updated, and I added a email subscription. You can read all about everything here.

June goals

Personal Wise

  • Dedicate time to teach Lil Man the basics of kindergarten. 
  • Go on at least two family adventures (can include going to the zoo, Chicago, mini golfing, etc)
  • Freshen up my hair (cut & dye)
  • Make up a chore & allowance chart for Lil Man

Blog Wise

  • Head shots
  • Post 3-4 times a week
  • Engage more with readers & decrease time for replying to comments
  • Edit old blog posts
  • Increase social media numbers
  • Sponsor at least one blog (& be a good sponsor... meet deadlines... post so they can share, etc)
  • Make a Pinterest image for EVERY blog post

So my June goals, and pretty short & sweet. Since it's summer, I don't want to stress myself out too much.

Do you have any monthly goals for June?

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Sharing my June Goals | a hundred tiny wishes

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