on being discouraged with monthly goals

Last month I really didn't want to do the whole monthly goal thing... or a recap of the previous month for that matter. Actually, I don't think that I have done a monthly goals post since February... oops. I'm not really sorry, because you see, since I posted about the seven things that I hope to accomplish in 2016, things have, for lack of a better term/phrase, gone downhill. Besides meeting all but one of my February Goals, I don't see that my life is any closer to being that different from 2015. Sure, I stopped being a douche in the blog world- now it only takes me like two to three days to respond to comments, instead of a week... yay, go me, but nothing else has actually changed. I have yet to sit down and make a budget or get that high paying job (believe me, it's not for lack of trying), and I don't really see us getting into a house anytime this century... I mean, we are expecting some money here really soon, so I see some bills getting paid off, so there's that. 

But the whole thing is that I feel really discouraged with my goal making lately. It seems like I make and break them all of the time. I write down a list of things that I want to accomplish, and half of the things never get done. For example, I have a white board next to my monthly calendar, and "get brakes done one my car" has been on there since last year. The hubby says that we are fine, but I just can't help wondering if they are going to go out and I am going to be going into a ditch somewhere. I can only hope not, or that Lil Man just isn't in the car with me. Thank goodness that we have two cars, and I primarily drive the hubby's, not mine. But it still worries me. 

But that's what I am talking about. I see alot of my procrastination in my goal making. I see that I am always pushing something off somewhere else, and thinking that I will get to it. I am always writing stuff down, and always looking at it, but I seem to say whatever. I don't know man... 

But the reason that I am actually here, is to make some goals for this month (kinda hypocritical of the post, huh?). And I am going to keep it short and simple. 

Personal Wise

-Dedicate time to teach Lil Man the basics of kindergarten. 
There is so much that Lil Man needs to learn before August, and my goal is to spend at least an hour a day with him, teaching him. 

-Date night
I miss my hubby, and he misses me. I have decided that we need to have date nights, and in order to put this in place, I need to get my parents on board 

Blog Wise

-Design changes
I read somewhere that to be taken professionally, you need to look professionally. To me, my blog is not screaming professional by any means. So I am going to fix it:

  • I am looking at new overall designs, and will be buying a new template by the end of the month. A new header font is in the works also. 
  • I am also looking at either getting head shots taken or just doing them myself. my current picture is cute, but not "pay me to review your shit" cute. I need something.... um... professional.
  • By the end of the month, I will be dropping the .blogspot.com.... meaning that I will be grabbing a domain finally. 
  • I currently use Canva for alot of my "words on pictures" and my header font- clicker script- just isn't coming through the way that I want it to. I like the whole consistency, so the font has to change. So I need your help... which one looks better?


Always say yes to the wine.

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