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I read a total of 6 books in August. I didn't stick with a certain troupe, but they were all romance and fiction. This month, I am going to give a synopsis along with my review, and I am going to put my ratings in order (5*-1*). 

How I read

I read on Kindle Unlimited, and I do that for a few reasons: 1) convenience- the books are literally at the tip of my fingers, and 2) it's cheaper. Kindle Unlimited is only $10 a month and it works like the library- you borrow a book and then return it. You can have up to 20 books in your "library" at a time, which does not include the books you do buy. You can still buy Kindle copies of books and there are a bunch of authors that offer Kindle Unlimited books.

This month I read Kindle Unlimited, like usual. I also bought a few paperback copies of books, so I hope to showcase them soon!

The rating system

  • 1* Eh, not memorable
  • 2* Just ok.
  • 3* Good book, definitely recommend reading.
  • 4* Great book, can live without a print copy.
  • 5* Wow, would read again. Probably will get a print copy for my library at home.

Kindle Unlimited

*Please read any and all trigger warnings before diving into any of my read books*

Bradford Brawler (Bradford Bastard Book 2)- Sheridan Anne // 5*

Synopsis from Amazon
I can’t say I’ve ever wished for someone to be bitten right on the tip of their junk by a giant bull ant before, but Tanner Morgan—the only man capable of making me want to scream and cream at the same damn time—just might be the guy to change that.

He’s infuriating in every way possible, and out of all the massive changes in my life, I thought living next to him would be the worst thing I'd ever have to deal with.

I was wrong … so damn wrong.

Finding out what Colby Jacobs did to Tanner's sister was sickening, but then realizing my best friend of thirteen years played a part in his crimes … I have no words for that kind of betrayal. Erica and Colby are dead to me, but apparently, I'm not quite as dead to them as I’d have liked to be.

“You're under arrest.”

Those words have plagued me since the moment my hands were bound behind my back, and Addison's secrets were betrayed to half the senior class. Being arrested for rape and attempted murder was not something I thought I’d ever have to deal with and I knew at that moment that this would be the biggest fight of my life.

My world is crumbling and I’m barely holding on. I’m not cut out for this. I don’t know which way is up, but I know one thing is for sure—there’s no way in hell I’m going down without a fight.

Colby Jacobs, your time is up.

My review
I am in love with this series, and Sheridan did it again with book #2. I really loved seeing the progression of Tanner and Bri's relationship, and how much they both felt for each other. You could feel everything that they were feeling. Another thing I liked was seeing the side characters getting into relationships and how much Bri and the gang was rooting for them. The gang is really becoming one big family! The one thing I hated: that darn cliffhanger! I mean c'mon! It was good, but jeeze! I will be pre-ordering the next one asap!

Gravity: A Billionaire Romance (The Wilde Boys Book 1)- Sara Cate // 4*

Synopsis from Amazon
Three months on a private island.
Two men.
One million dollars.
All I have to do is tame Nash Wilde.

It’s been two years since my sister and her boyfriend were killed in a plane crash. The last person I expected to show up on my doorstep was his father, Alistair Wilde. Yet, he came with an offer I’d be an idiot to pass up: be his son’s girlfriend for three months, live with the two of them in a remote house, and the one million dollars is mine.

The challenge turns out to be harder than I expected. Nash is not just wild, he’s dangerous. And Alistair is far more broken than he lets the world believe. The three of us are bound by grief. It’s up to me to feed Nash’s hunger and heal Alistair’s pain.

Lines are crossed.
Rules are broken.
On the island, there’s no one to tell us this is wrong.

I know I have to choose before I tear this family apart.
But I belong to both of them—
One of them has my body.
The other has my heart.

My Review
Talk about a love triangle! Oh my! But it was so good! I loved reading about the differences between Nash and Alistair, and how Zara brought them closer together and they were a family. A very messed up family, but a family none the less. The sexy times between Zara and Nash were hot; and the flying lessons with Alistair were off the charts smoking! 

Forever After All: A Billionaire Marriage of Convenience Novel- Catharina Maura // 4*

Synopsis from Amazon
Desperate and out of options, Elena Rousseau walks into a gentlemen’s club, ready to sell her body in a last attempt to save her mother’s life.

She didn’t expect Alexander Kennedy to be there, and she certainly didn’t expect him to propose a marriage of convenience instead.

Marrying Alexander means knowingly becoming a tool in his revenge plan.

But what choice does she have?

Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

My Review
Elena has always has a crush on Alexander growing up and when he proposed a marriage of convenience, but a loveless marriage also, she had no choice but to jump on it. I loved seeing the progression of their relationship through the dual POV and being about to identify with Elena and all the hardships she is going through with trying to save her mother's life. The spicy scenes were on point and h.o.t. HOT! 

Chosen by a Sinner- Michelle Heard // 4*

Synopsis from Amazon
My family rules the world, and I always get everything my heart desires.
Well, almost everything.
Okay, so there’s one thing I can’t have.
Luca Cotroni.
Rude, arrogant, and demanding as hell, he’s the man I lust after and despise more than anything.

After a wild birthday party where I clearly had too many drinks, I wake up next to Luca wearing his ring.
A wedding ring.
Who accidentally gets married to the head of the Italian mafia?
Me. A bratva princess.

Our fathers insist we remain married for six months before we’re allowed to consider an annulment.
Six months.
I have to live with him. Sleep next to him. Be a wife to him.
It’s fifty-fifty whether we’ll kill each other or give in to the lust.

My Review
Even though this book is a mafia book, and it has it's moments, I thought it was sweet. They were both lusting after each other, but neither knew the truth! Once it's revealed, they were #couplegoals!

I Fing Dare You: A Bully Romance Duet (All the Games We Play)- Emm Darcy // 3*

Synopsis from Amazon
I was supposed to stay invisible.

My school might be a den of vipers, but if I endure senior year, I have a shot at my dream: a place at Tisch.

I’m used to keeping my eyes down and my mouth shut to survive the cruel, depraved, privileged assholes who delight in breaking the weak. Then I see something I can’t ignore. Four boys, as beautiful as they are twisted, threatening my friend. They might run the school, but that doesn’t give them the right to corner a poor, terrified girl.

Only, I didn’t have all the facts when I intervened.

I stood up to the four idols of this school, and Jason, the worst of them, won’t let the world forget it. Now I’m no longer a ghost: I’m a target, humiliated at every turn. If I want them off my back, I may not have any choice but to make a deal with the devil who started this nightmare in the first place. Jason would be more than happy to oblige…as long as I'm willing to play his wicked games.

My Review
Even though I gave this book 3*, I really did like it. It had everything I liked in it: dark romance, bully novel, spice, steam, etc.... but it was set in high school, so yeah. It was a good book, and I loved how the FMC was learning to stand on her own. 

Spin The Damn Bottle: A Bully Romance Duet (All the Games We Play)- Emm Darcy // 2*

Synopsis from Amazon
Jason has put me through hell to prove I can withstand the flames. Now he wants me.

Tough luck, a*hole.

I survived the taunts, the humiliation, but after what happened to me last semester, I refuse to play his game any longer.

Jason’s obsession with me isn’t healthy for either of us. He thinks he needs me. I know better. What he needs is therapy.

I have to resist him for the rest of the year, then we’ll never meet again. He and I don’t belong in the same world, and as much as I love what I see when I walk in his, I know my place.

Far, far away from the King of Cross.

Except he’s Jason freaking Alden, and he fights dirty for what he believes is his.

My Review
Throughout the book I wanted to smack Nora. She clearly loves Jason, but is too afraid to be with his because of someone attacking her. Jason keeps telling her that it's ok, but she refuses. By the end of the book, she finally relents, but it just seems like an overplayed story. This book was not as memorable as the first.

#1 FAVORITE BOOK this month: 

Bradford Brawler - Sheridan Anne

Did you read any good books in August?

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Thirsty Thursday: Books I read in August

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