DIY Bed Makeover

Hello Lovelies!

So, I'd been telling my hubby that I'd been wanting a new bed for awhile. Unfortunately, we hadn't had the extra money to go and buy a new bed. I had the bright idea to have my handy-man hubby build me a bed, but with the price of wood being so high and his honey-do list being sooo long, that was a no go. 

I was out of ideas until the perfect one landed in my lap: I decided to paint my bed. My hubby thought I was kidding until I was actually looking at paint. HAHA 

But I was dead serious!

Today, I am going to show you what I did to make over my bed and give it the look that I wanted.


First, I went to Menards and bought paint. 

I went with Pittsburgh Paints & Stains® Ultra Interior Eggshell Paint & Primer in the color Delicate White. I bought 2 quarts, because I knew I didn't need a gallon. 

Then I got to work. 
First, I sanded....
Then, I painted... 

Thankfully during the sanding process, my hubby let me use his hand held automatic sander, or I would have quit 1/4 of the way in... j/k. But for reals. 

I had a lot of fun during the process and I loved being able to create something. I, mean. I love painting, so even though this was a big project, I still came out with a love of the activity. 


The price of the paint! 

Total price: $23.96 before tax

**PLEASE NOTE** The "Before" bed in the above picture is not my actual bed. I forgot to take a picture of my actual bed :( BUT my actual bed is a sleigh bed and it was a dark wood color.

The finished product

I also painted a dresser with the paint, and I think it turned out really good!!!!

I put it next to my bed! :) 

Nice, eh? I thought so, too!

Till next time!

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post :)

DIY Bed Makeover

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