Hello Monday & a life update

I realize a few weeks ago that I really don't talk about my personal life on here that much. I mean, sure I will give you some advice about beauty, blogging, and parenting, but other than my five on Friday recaps, I don't actually go into detail about what's going on with me. Like the deep stuff. Today, that is going to change. Today I am going to give you a little life update and tell you about four (well, three) crazy things going on in my life. 

1 // We're moving.

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, go do it- I'll wait), you would have seen my big announcement about a week ago. If not- the jist is that we are moving in with my parents' house by next month. It was a big decision with family drama at our current place, but I am really looking forward to the move (not!!). The one thing that is going to come out of living with my parents is the motivation to get a big girl job and get us into a house. Don't get me wrong- I love my parents and family to death, but there are a lot of people living in THAT house and I have a tendency to get rather claustrophobic. 

2 // I grabbed a new watch. 

Granted grabbing a new watch isn't as life changing as moving, but to me it's pretty awesome. The other pretty awesome part about it- I paid less than $40 for it on Mecari. Yes, it's an authentic Michael Kors watch, and yes, it works. 

3 // I don't have cancer.

In a five on Friday post, I hinted at the possibility of having cancer- well they were testing me for it due to a spot on my lower lung. The good news is that all of my tests came back negative for any type of cancer, but the bad news is that I have to repeat a CT scan in a few months. I guess it's sort of a win/win, and I am grateful. 

Unfortunately as I was going through all of my sickness and testing, so was a friend that I have known since Kindergarten. Sadly, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma and has to go through chemo. The upside side is that every one of her doctors tell her that Lymphoma is one of the best cancers to have. Sure, having cancer is no cake walk, but the odds of beating it and survival are in her favor.

4 // I cut about 4 inches off my hair

Another reveal on Instagram (yeah, now I know you should be following me) was that I cut my hair on Friday (last week). I really like it, and so does the hubby. 

A lot of people have asked me why I would cut off my beautiful hair and the answer is simple- I needed a change. I've had so much going on this past month, and I felt like a weight was just hovering over me. After I cut my hair, I realized that even if I can't do a sock bun any more, it's going to be a lot easier in the mornings. #shorthairdontcare

How's your life been going?

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