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And... It's Friday! 

It's been a crazy week, huh? I mean not on my end, but in the world. Ahem, I'm talking about Unicorn-Gate, or whatever they are calling it. Sure it was a pretty drink and all, but damn people... The Starbucks Unicorn Frap was "supposed" to be a 5 day long affair, but apparently since everyone just had to have one, most of the stores ran out of the mix within the first day... even some within a few hours. Talk about a trend, huh? But the funny thing is this- the drink may look pretty, but most people either said it was sweet, tart, or downright tasted like dog shit. There were so many mixed reviews. Either people hated it or loved it.

But yeah, to be honest, I didn't get one. Sure I went to Starbucks to try one, but they ran out. And you know what? I didn't flip my shit. I just ordered my regular iced chai.  #winforme

Anyways, enough rambling. To recap my week, I decided to do it in a "currently" fashion....


Spring & all the baby animals. Late last week, my step-brother had bought chickens and they are so cute. The picture below is my hubby holding one of the chicks- it's the first time that he has ever held a chicken.


So after all the hype of 13 Reasons Why, I decided to binge watch it over two days while Lil Man was in school. Honestly, I kept watching because I wanted to know Hannah's secrets and what lead up to her death. Overall though, the series really didn't portray a normal high school experience. And what about all damn tattoos? No one I went to school with ever had full arm sleeves!

Was the series good? Sure. Did it leave alot of questions? Hell yeah.


Blogs. Lots of blogs. One of my goals for the past two months has been to start reading a new book, but for some reason the whole idea of reading a paper book hasn't really appealed to me. Instead I have been reading and researching different places that actually pay bloggers to write and places to guest post.


Chambray shirt, white tank, black stretchy jeans, and flats. The comfiest outfit ever. 


For some good news. A few weeks ago I was super sick for about two weeks... first it was a stomach bug, then Influenza B, and then bronchitis. When I went in for a chest x-ray for the bronchitis diagnosis (making sure it wasn't pneumonia), they found a shadow on my left lower lung. The radiologist recommended a CT scan, which revealed nodules in both of my lower lungs. So I went back to see my hematologist, and now today I have a PET scan. I will find out the results next Tuesday, but I am a little worried. I am praying and hoping that everything will be alright.

So that was my week...

Oh, here's a cute pic of Ellie on Easter >>

Do you love it as much as I do? :)

How was your week?

Ps. if you missed it:
I updated my Start Here/About page, talked about 10 must have nail colors for Spring (hint: they are ALL cruelty free), and finally debuted my 101 in 1001 list (late to the party, I know). Check them out!

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