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I really can't believe that tomorrow is Halloween... which means that after tomorrow, October is officially over. Honestly, it's just hard for me to imagine that a) in exactly 33 days, I will be 31, b) 10 months of this year have already flown by, and c) tomorrow is Halloween (yeah, I know I already said that!). But instead of starting to reminisce about the month, let's talk about some things that I have been loving lately, huh?

1. Bye Vine
No, I am not implying that I am loving the whole Vine saying good bye, but I am going to say that the "Good Bye Vine" videos are hilarious. I understand that it is really hard for a lot of people to say peace out to an app that has played a major role in their lives for the past 3 years- it's the age that we live in. I mean, c'mon, the app was a platform that so many Youtube stars had gotten their starts on... if you have no idea what I am talking about, go check out The Gabbie Show and her 2.3 million subscribers (yes, I am one of them)... and I understand that they are "feeling like a friend has died."

2. H2O+ trial kits
One of my top skincare lines is H2O+, and when I was on their site the other day, I found out that they offer trial kits. They have three trial kits; all are $15, contain 3 products, and with each one purchased, you get $15 back to spend on the site. I am going to buy this one... and I am so excited. 

3. My JORD wood watch
I know I already did a review on my JORD wood watch, but I swear, every time I wear it, I fall more and more in love. It just fits so good on my wrist, and it's so photogenic! Yes, in blogger world, having a photogenic piece of anything is like a dream come true.

4. Olympus PEN E-PL8
So I'm not going to fool you into thinking that I already have this camera, because I don't, but the reason that I am loving it, is because I plan to buy it rather soon. The fact is: I need a camera... I currently use my phone, and even though it's a really good and convenient thing, I have finally faced the fact that I NEED an actual camera. I want to get into vlogging, and basically, a good camera is essential. When doing some research, I came across the Olympus PEN series cameras, and I immediately fell in love.

In the blogging world, Olympus cameras are not common. I have been looking for a new camera for awhile, and even though I thought about going for a DSLR; but I knew that it wouldn't serve my purposes. In all honesty, I want something compact, stylish, and isn't going to cost an arm and a leg. That is what the PEN series offers. Plus they are beautiful and very photogenic. Oh, did I also mention that they also has a "selfie mode"? Oh yes. So if anyone wants to buy the camera for me (cause I don't know when I'm going to be able to buy it), I would be eternally grateful :)

& that's what I've been loving lately :)

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