cold weather beauty essentials

It's no joke that cooler weather is on it's way, especially since the temps have dropped here in the Midwest. I mean, I am one of those people that hate cooler weather, mostly because of how harsh the weather can get. In the past few years, I have finally figured out my holy grail cold weather beauty essentials, and I am finally ready to share them!

cold weather beauty essentials


- facial oil. Since it's been cooler in the Midwest, I have started using a facial oil instead of a moisturizer. It helps keep my face moisturized all day, and bonus- I can put it on my eye lids with no irritation. I personally love the Daily Reviving Concentrate from Kiehl's. It gives me that dewy look and doesn't leave a residue.

- lip scrub & balm. The one thing that I hate about cooler weather is the fact that my lips dry out and crack. And it hurts. So to help my lips stay smooth, I love using a lip scrub with shea butter and vitamin e, because while it's scrubbing, it also locks in moisture. The one lip scrub that I have recently become addicted to is the Indi Beauty Buttercream Antioxidant Lip Scrub. It smells amazing, and doesn't taste horrible (I know I'm not the only one who tend to get a lil scrub in their mouth...). I also love to follow up with a lip balm like FRESH Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy

- gentle exfoliating cleanser. I know it seems a little counter productive to use an exfoliating cleanser in the cooler weather, because exfoliating means rubbing all the dead skin off, but trust me when I say, it will be great for your face. A gentle one will clear away dirt and harsh debris, instantly brighten your skin, and even moisturize. My favorite is the Befine exfoliating cleanser. Not only does it leave my skin feeling wonderful, but it smell ah-mazing!


- hand cream. I think that having a really good hand cream is one of those no brainers in the cooler temps. A really good one will protect your hands from drying and cracking, and not leave a greasy residue. I love the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. It's not greasy, doesn't have a smell, and is perfect for daily use.

- nail base coat. I've heard that in the cooler & dryer weather, nails tend to dry out and start to peel. Instead of the dreaded peat happening, I like to keep a base coat like Butter London's Horse Power Nail Rescue Base coat. It helps dry, brittle nails, and provides a great canvas for color.


-thermal protection. I tend wear alot of pony tails and messy buns in the cooler weather, since I want to keep my hair frizz free. No, not really, it's because I'm lazy and don't feel like straightening. Anyways, even though I wear my hair up, I still have to style my bangs, and that's when a heat protectant comes into play. I really love the 7Seconds Glossing from Unite. It's a lightweight glossing spray that protects from thermal damage and smooths my hair.

- leave in conditioner. I swear- my hair tends to be finicky in cooler weather. Along with the fact that it tends to fall out, it also tends to get dry and I will also have a ton of flyaways. The one thing that I have found and it is my holy grail for cold weather hair is the Health Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Oil Nourishing Styling Treatment. When used in a small quantity, it helps smooth out my hair WITHOUT weighing it down. I have used it for years. Also, sometimes I will switch off with Bumble and Bumble hairdresser's invisible oil heat/UV protective primer. It smells really good and will give me the same results.

- hair preserving shampoo and conditioner. Since I like to wear hats during the cooler months, I tend to to loose hair, which isn't such a great thing for my already thin hair. So instead of going bald (my worst fear), I looked into finding a shampoo & conditioner duo that would help my every falling out & thinning hair; and what I finally found was a life saver in Bumble and Bumble's Full Potential Hair Preserving system. The whole set- shampoo, conditioner, and booster spray- is infused with Bumble and Bumble's Hair Preserve Blend™ – and acts like a "liquid bandage" to promote strength and elasticity for thicker-feeling hair. I love the whole system! It's invigorating, gives my lifeless hair some bulk, and helps me from filling up my shower drain with hair.

What are your cold weather beauty essentials?

cold weather beauty essentials

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