how sex ed is failing today's youth

Back in February, Brooke, a new blogger that I've been following penned a post that got to me. In a good way. She talked about how sex ed failed her. And in every line of her post I was nodding to myself that she was right.

I've worked in juvenile detention for over a year now, and I can tell you that sex ed is failing most kids today. Every other week, the kids are able to sit down with nurses from the health department to learn about STIs. After the presentation, they are also able to get tested. Now, I'm not totally sure if the parents have to give permission, I'm assuming not, but I'm always surprised that when the kids come back to the group after testing, they are somewhat afraid that they may have something. But why? 

Are the schools failing these kids?  Why are we having such an abundance of teen pregnancies and an influx of STI infections? 

I think the lack of an adequate sex ed course is to blame.
I remember that the only sex ed course I was taught was in middle school. Seventh grade I believe. I was 13. And all it really covered was where babies come from, birth, and prevention. 
It didn't tell me where to go for testing. 
Or what to do if I was assaulted. 
Or who to talk to if I had feelings for someone of the same sex.
Or how to realize that I was in an abusive relationship.

BUT it should have. It should have taught me all that AND more.

Did you know that you have to be 18 to buy condoms? Crazy. It's like we are oblivious to the fact that today's youth are having sex. It's a natural occurrence. Basically- it happens. And sometimes it happens too frequently.

But if sex ed is failing today's youth, why aren't parents stepping in? You hear all the time that the reason the girls on teen mom got pregnant is because they weren't told about sex. That they were afraid of talking to their parents about sex.

But that's the thing- kids shouldn't be afraid to talk to their parents about ANYTHING. Sex or drugs. Sure the later is illegal, but kids should be taught things. They should be well informed.

Maybe we should be handing out condoms at the schools. Or have a monthly STI check for the kids. I know that will never happen- I can just see everyone getting their panties all twisted right now; but maybe sex ed shouldn't be based on abstinence any more. It's 2016. We should be looking at ways to prevent... prevent unwanted pregnancy, prevent STIs, prevent sexual assault.

I mean, look at Josh Duggar- his parents never taught him about sex so like a normal boy, he went exploring... and sexually assaulted his sisters. But then how would his sisters have known back then that what he was doing was bad touching if they were never taught? And what if Josh had come out and said he was gay? Would Michelle and Jim Bob have made him go to church and pray the gay away? Or have sent him to gay camp?

Why doesn't sex ed teach about transgender and sexual orientation.  Why do we put everyone into a box and say you must be normal?  You must marry someone of the opposite sex, and have children. You must populate the earth. You know what?  Fuck normal. Nobody is normal any more. 

Why do we make people who are gay, lesbian, transgender, etc, feel bad about themselves? They aren't hurting anyone. But why didn't sex ed teach me that people can be different? Why is sexual orientation such a taboo nowadays, still? Why when my father came out as transgender, I had no idea what he was. Why is it that all I had heard about transgender individuals was the bad. That they were called trannies, hung out at truck stops, and happen to be on Jerry Springer a lot. 

There are so many issues with sex ed, and I know that it will never be fixed, but we as a society need to realize the issues. We need to step in as parents, and help our children out. We need to educate them. 

I mean.... what do you think?

Always say yes to the wine.

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