10 hobbies I will NEVER give up

Bloggers just love to talk in lists, and on Tuesday, the lists are in lists of tens. Today, I am sharing the ten hobbies I will never give up. Sure, some could be considered childish, but hey, YOLO.

1. Collecting office supplies
This in in part to Target... 
Sometimes I feel like the Little Mermaid with office supplies... I have notepads and pens are plenty.... but I want more.. 

2. Coloring
Adult coloring is all the rage nowadays, and they even make adult specific coloring books with curse words. Yep, obsessed. 

3. Photography
This is my passion. I have the need to document EVERYTHING.

4. Writing/blogging
This is my release. And eventually it will make me money.

5. Collecting "copyright free" pictures
For blogging purposes of course... 

6. Collecting books that "I will read someday"
I want to have a "beauty & the beast library". You know the one that Beast gives Belle in the movie? Yes... and that's why my list of "to read" books is longer than my husband's honey-do list.

7. Sending snail mail
I have an addiction to buying note cards from the dollar spot at Target... and the majority of them get sent out to send some happy. The other ones... well they just sit there. 

8. Hoarding skin care products
Girl's gatta have options.

9. Painting
Wine glass are my specialty, but I also love to make abstract paintings on canvas. 

10. Social media
Sure I could give them up for 24 hours, or even a million bucks, but Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc keep me from getting bored in the doctors office. 

What is one hobby that you would never give up?

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Always say yes to the wine.

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