Friday, my FAVORITE day of the week

Oh man, I love Friday. Sure today is Friday the 13th and a full moon, but whatevs. It's all good in my book. Anyways... my week:

1. Mother's day.
Mother's day was nice. I was able to sleep in, and when I got up, I was surprised with flowers and cards. For dinner,  we went to Hooters and I had a very yummy chicken sandwich, which was FREE because I'm a mom :) 

2. I had another pain shot. 
If you remember me talking about the horrible experience that I had with my previous pain management company, you will be happy to know that I went to a new doctor, and after Tuesday's shot, I feel great. Sure, it feels like I have a knife stabbed in my lower back, but that is to be expected considering that the needle was rather long. BUT there is NO pain going down my right leg! I am very satisfied, and I truly believe that after one more shot, I should be almost 100%,

3. I had an interview. 
I haven't been satisfied at my current job for awhile. I feel like I am just a little person, and everything gets dumped on me. But I dredge through it. So, after 6+ months of applying, I finally landed an interview. I believe that it went GREAT, but I won't hear anything till at least the end of next week. My fingers are crossed.

4. I tried to take a picture of me and Ellie...
And it didn't go so well. Do you know how hard it is to take a selfie of yourself and a puppy? Yeah, it's a bit difficult. 

5. Vertical images
I finally realized that vertical images are essential to blog posts if you plan on sharing on Pinterest. I have gotten a lot of engagement after making some vertical images via Canva. For a great tutorial on how to hide the vertical image in your blog post, check out this one by Anne of Love the Here and Now.

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How was your week?

Always say yes to the wine.

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