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I always love trying out new products- I have a subscription to Birchbox because of this obsession- and I love telling everyone which ones that I've fallen in love with; and which ones just didn't hit the mark. The next six products have definitely hit the mark, and have been inducted into my daily routine.

one // First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser // $5.50-20
Formulated without parabens, sulfates & phthalates, this stuff is awesome. It leaves my face free of any traces of makeup, soft, hydrated, and clean. I haven't had any breakouts since using it, and my face feels less oily. 

I've never been a fan of leave in serums for my hair- it's rather thin, but damaged- and I had no interest in trying one. But a couple of weeks ago, I did a beauty product swap with a few ladies, and received the BB Repair Blow Dry. The first time I used it, I used way too much. My hair was super greasy and literally just stuck to the top of my head. So I took to the reviews... and everyone raved about how much they loved the product, but if over used, it would grease-up your hair. A couple of people recommended using a small bit (duh!) on semi-dried hair, and then you would achieve the desired results. Abiding by the recommendations, I used it a few days later. And loved the outcome. My hair was free of frizzies, soft, and my style lasted two days!

This was another item that I had received in the beauty swap, and I love the feeling that it gives my face. The product does run a bit high, but from what I've used out of my sample, it seems worth it.

four // Urban Decay Perversion Mascara // $12-22
I had grabbed the travel size from Sephora a few months ago, but at the time I was loving my Laura Geller mascara, and kinda just stashed the Perversion in my bag. Until last week, that is. I've been running low on funds, and instead of running out to Sephora (I'm a high-end mascara snob) to grab something, I pulled out my Perversion.... it was love at first swipe. I love how the brush is thicker and fans out my lashes. It does tend to clump when the lashes are over coated, but it's something that you just have to work with. 

five // Julep Oxygen Treatment // $18
I have rather short & stubby nails- a result of several years of nail biting- and don't like to wear nail polish on my finger nails. But, I can tolerate a sheer colors like nude and pink. The Oxygen Treatment comes in two different colors- pink and ivory- and it's a powerful, nutrient-rich treatment formulated with awesome stuff to help thin, weak nails. It's made without parbens, sulfates, and phthalates- meaning there is no formaldehyde. And the best thing... Julep polishes are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly!

six // Real Chemistry Luminous 3 minute peel // Price runs $24-48
I had heard alot of buzz about this amazing peel, and when I received a sample in my June Birchbox, I was super excited. Once I tried it, I was blown away. While using, almost immediately I could see the results of the dead skin buffing off into my hands. I'm not sure if it was the product or not, but when I rinsed my face, I could tell a difference. 

Have you ever tried any of my new product loves?
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