five things June taught me

Oh wow... I haven't seen you guys in like a week! I apologize for that... 
Since today is practically the last Friday of June, I figured I would "participate" in the whole "high five for Friday" thing, and tell you guys about the major things I learned in the month of June...

one // When it rains, it pours... 
This is a no brainer, but it's so true. This month, my mom had knee surgery, and the same day she had the surgery (she is doing great btw), we found out that my grandmother has breast cancer. Talk about a double whammy. The lump is rather small, and the doctor says her odds are good, but we are still in shock and praying our hardest. 

And then... we found out that my dog has either cancer or end stage liver failure. I can't even begin to tell you what I am feeling... I have raised my baby since he was a  6 week old little puppy; and he just turned 7 in April. 

two // Indulgence is always a good treat.
I've been worrying about my weight lately... and since I have yet to actually have the "want" to take my lunch to work, I've been stopping by Subway about three times a week. And I've been cutting down on my pop/sugar intake. I feel somewhat healthier (it's all a start for me) and my headaches have been coming less frequently. BUT to reward myself, every payday, I treat myself to some Starbucks. It helps with the cravings and makes me feel that eating healthier is a good thing :)

three // Impromptu moments are better than big, thought out ones. 
Yesterday, I took off my shoes and played in the rain & mud with Lil Man. He absolutely loved it. Why am I telling you that I felt squishy germ filled substance between my toes? Because I think that Lil Man had more fun in the ten minutes of rain and mud play, than in an hour trip to the zoo. He was laughing the whole time. 

four // Always have an end goal in mind.
When I started my job, I told myself that it was just to pass the time, and once something better came along, I would jump on it. This month I decided that even though my position is a "stepping stone," I want to do my best and stay within the company once a better position comes along. And I'm glad I started when I did... during the summer, my boss likes to take off here and there (his family owns a private island somewhere, I think), and when he does, I have to fill in for him. Which means I get to step it up and show what I am made of. 

five // Sometimes being disconnected is the best thing ever. 
Have you ever been so caught up in social media drama that it just consumes your whole being and it's all you talk about with everyone you meet? Or is your phone constantly connected to your hand, to the point of self diagnosed carpal tunnel? I have the perfect solution... get a job where you are not allowed to have your phone or computer access. Since starting the job a little over three months ago, I have slowly been pulling back from everything social media/internet related. Yeah, I don't even know if I can call myself a blogger anymore... but the drama and all the anger and all the FOMO-ness has practically disappeared. And it feels great! Sure, I still am super active on Insta, but that's it. 

And let's share some some of my favorite posts from the week....

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