If you really knew me...

If you really knew me...

You would know that I'm super sarcastic, but awkward at the same time...

You would know that I hate public speaking and get extremely embarrassed when people stare at me.

That I don't take criticism very well. I tend to be on the defensive when a superior tells me what to fix, mostly due to the fact that I think I am doing everything right.

That I still have totes of Christmas things laying around the house. I also have a couple of Moose dressed in Christmas garb just chillin in my kitchen.

You would know that I am a mixture between a girly girl and a county bumpkin. I love doing my hair and makeup, but I know how to shoot my Daddy's shot gun. And I am happy with that.

That I love going barefoot in the summer and I have calluses to prove it.

You would know that I tend to be super shy and awkward in most everyday situations. I usually need time to open up, but it all depends on if I have the need for someone to like me or not.

That I love my wine. I hate the fact that a bottle only has 2.5 glasses in it.

That I only wear neutral makeup and I am a creature of habit.

You would know that I am a recovering nail biter. 

You would know that I love me some yummy goodness from Starbucks. But I can't stand the taste of coffee... 

That I can turn into a Mama Bear at a moments notice. I am not a fan if ANYONE judging my patenting habits and if you say anything to my face, or behind my back and it gets back to me, well then you better just run. 

That I hate people that complain and never come up with a solution to their problem. 

You would know that I am a fan of equal rights. I believe that everyone should be allowed to love and marry whomever they choose; as long as both people are over the age of 18, that is. 

That my favorite color is mint, and I have several shirts to prove that. 

You would know that the only time I take off my wedding ring is to sleep, shower, do dishes, or work in the yard.  

That I believe in therapy,  and have done a stint or two. 

If you really knew me, you would know that I love being a mom and wife.

If you really knew me, you would know that I am at odds with myself over blogging...

If you really knew me, then you would know that the best advice I've ever given is: "find something that you love to do and if it makes you happy, then never stop doing it."

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