Wine tasting & a wedding

I think I fell in love with my husband again this past Saturday...

We were invited to a coworker's (from my part-time job) wedding and it was just something I needed to go to. The past week had been horrible on my stress levels... last Monday I found out that one of my coworkers died in a senseless act committed by the one person whom she had trusted and brought a life into this world with. She left behind a two year old little girl. Even though I hadn't known my coworker for that long, I still felt the pain left behind from the act and thought about the last time I had talked to her over and over again. So needless to say, I needed to go to a wedding. I needed to be surrounded by the joy and love and happiness of two people binding themselves to each other.

Saturday started off with getting ready... A feat that happen to take me almost two hours and left us leaving the house 30 minutes late. By the time the hubby and I had gotten even close to the church, it was already 20 minutes past the wedding start time. And it was at a Catholic church, meaning it was a Catholic wedding. Well, it's an unwritten rule that you don't walk in late to a Catholic ceremony, so the hubby and I took a detour into town. Where they were having a farmer's market.

The hubby had never been to a farmer's market, so we parked the car and decided to walk around. We spent a good hour just walking around, looking at everything,  and talking. In our Sunday best. Can you say awkward?

Once we had had enough walking, we went down the street for some wine tasting. Which had actually been planned- the wedding was at 1pm, and reception wasn't until 5pm, so we had planned to do some wine tasting in between. Pre-gameing, you know :)

And I loved the atmosphere! 

After wine tasting, it was an hour walk around the town's antique mall, and then to the reception. 

The reception venue was AMAZING! You walk in, and there is a large space- great for cocktail hour. Directly across from the entrance is staircase that takes you into the actual reception area. It looked BEAUTIFUL! There were chandeliers coming down from the ceiling,  sconces on every other table, and fake candles with candle holders hanging down from the ceiling on the opposite tables. 

Cocktail hour was fabulous... I had asked for a screw driver, but it wound up being a glass full of vodka with a splash of orange juice. It. Was. Disgusting. And then we (yes, the hubby and I) switched to Amaretto Stone Sours. And then ate some mini flat bread sandwiches, honey bbq meatballs, and mini twice baked red potatoes. 

The hubby and I talked about all the things that we hadn't talked about in weeks. He told me about work, I told him about work. We reminisced about different weddings we had been too. He told me about the time he had DJed a reception at the same venue. It was nice getting to know my hubby again. Especially since I have been working m-f, the hubby and I really haven't had a chance to spend time without Lil Man, or just to talk. 

After cocktail hour, it was the wedding party introductions, cake cutting, and first dances. I loved the couple's first dance song... it was the love song from Twlight: Christina Perri "A Thousand Years" (I linked the song, because it is a beautiful song). 

Dinner consisted of salad, choices of pasta, chicken, and beef, green beans, and mashed potatoes. It was so good! 

After dinner, they served cake, and also had a desert and coffee bar. I was amazed at the planning that went into every detail of the reception. 

The hubby and I aren't dancers, so we spent the rest of the night watching the tipsy people dance, and making fun of the dj. We also had a bunch of kids use our table for a little camp out- they stole the fake candles, and chocolate- and set everything up under the table. There was like 6 kids. I called it a gremlin seance. 

At the end of the night, we decided to go see Avengers 2 before going home. Seriously go see it!

Saturday was a really good day for me. It was nice to spend time with the hubby and offer him my undivided attention. It was nice to walk and talk with him, and laugh with him.

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