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A couple of days ago, Nina from Flowers In My Hair, one of the bloggers I'm sponsoring this month, asked me to put together a collage of four photos that represent me & my blog... I kinda messed up and put together nine. Oops... But in the light of the email I received from Bloglovin last week, and the realization that I have so many new followers & readers, I have decided share the original collage and do an intro post for y'all!

However I do want to give the credit to Nina for giving me the idea to come up with this post- the way she highlights her sponsors is pretty awesome, in my opinion! And I think you should really check out her other sponsors this month also! Oh, and you can see my other collage!  

1. Hey there, I'm Tabitha! A late twenties gal with procrastination tendencies and an obsession with mascara; who happens to be a mom, and believes that a glass of wine can fix anything. This little lifestyle blog of mine, a hundred tiny wishes is a place where I bear my soul. Basically, It's a place for me to share the beauty of life and just be me. I write about family, diy, beauty, motherhood, style, my many confessions, beauty reviews, and more; because living a hundred tiny wishes at a time is a lifestyle.

2. I have a dog- Duce, and since we got him six years ago, I have had a budding obsession with Moose.

3. Like I said, I am a mom to a Lil Man. He just turned four, and is the light of my life.

4. Sometimes I like to act like a fashion blogger, but that usually doesn't work out... so I just post random posts on my outfits.

5. I love to paint glassware and make jewelry, so in March 2014, I opened an Etsy Shop called tiny wishes creations. Go check it out.... :) 

6. Seriously, this is the best picture of my dog and my hubby... he used to be (and still is) a DJ, and well, you can read our love story to find out the rest.

7. I love trying new makeup and sharing my beauty reviews with my readers!

8. I am a child of divorce & remarriage- I have one biological brother and two step-brothers. My parents married in 2007.

9. Last but certainly not least... I have a Master's in Criminal Justice with a certificate in Law {which I got this year} and work for a non-profit.

Now I want to know about you! Are you a blogger? Where do you blog? Any interesting facts about you?
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  1. I never knew about your degree! Congrats, I'm so proud of you, what an accomplishment!


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