A rather large oops

I have debated for about twelve-ish hours on if I wanted to actually publish this post or not, but I feel as if I have to- for me. Because of the brick on my chest. Because I feel as if it may help another blogger.

Yesterday I did something that as a blogger I should have known better not to do... I used someone else's idea without giving them credit.

Granted, the issue has now been rectified, and it was a small mistake, but honestly after 15ish months of blogging, it shouldn't have happened. And the fact that I didn't even catch it- the other blogger did and emailed me about it- is pure nonsense on my part. I'm mean, I'm grateful that she caught the mistake and emailed me about it, rather than calling me out "publically", but I still feel like a complete douche bag for not realizing it earlier. 

Blogging is about creativity and sometimes it's hard to not want to use another's amazing idea, but what alot of people don't know is that you HAVE/NEED to give credit when credit is due.  No, there aren't any copyright laws in blogging- that I know of- but it's definitely bad for business when you don't. And can certainly turn a fun hobby into something that you just don't want to do anymore. 

Some bloggers will call you out when you use their idea and you will feel like a total bag of shit for not realizing what you did- but others don't. And then whenever you talk to them it's like there's a rather large elephant roaming around. I've never experienced the latter, but then again I really hope I never do.

So what do you do when you are called out? 
Realize that you made a mistake, apologize profusely, and correct the mistake. Don't act all high and mighty- gravel. Gravel a lot. Issue a public apology.

So when should you give credit? 
-when using a picture that came from another blog (ex. outfit inspiration)
-when using another's post idea (ex. a sponsor showcase/highlight post idea)
-when replying to another's post 
-when highlighting your favorite pins (it's my understanding that it's ok to link back to the pin- but I could be wrong)
-when using a sentence or two from an internet source (think back to high school/college and use non-plagiarism etiquette) 
-there are more, but I can't think right now. 

*Side note: 
when linking up and using a link up button, you are automatically giving the "host blogger/bloggers" credit.

*Another side note: 
blog posts always need pictures, so Kristy Girl has a really good post on a collection of copyright free image sources

Have you ever made an oops and then rectified it (in real life or blogging)?
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  1. It happens to us all! It's happened to me twice and I completely didn't even think about it. It wasn't out of malice or for vengence on the other blogger -- I simply forgot to link to their page. And I should have known too! Sometimes we just forget or don't even realize it until it's too late.

    At least nothing public was made, and it was quickly resolved through email (as mine were -- after I apologized profusely). But it happens and we can't think it won't happen again, you know?

  2. Great post and good reminder to all of us!

  3. I almost did this once. ALMOST. I got lucky that I caught myself before I hit that Publish button. I would have totally felt like a D-bag too. I've been that person that's had an idea stolen from them, but I also didn't speak up about it, and I probably should have. But it's kinda late to do so now.

  4. I think the fact that you are owning up to what happened says a lot about your character. Kudos for taking the proper measures to issue a public apology and to notify people about ways they too can avoid plagiarism on the net :)


  5. Dang, I'm sorry that happened to you! At least it sounds like the other person was friendly about it. And don't fret... We ALL make mistakes! (I'm sure I've done it too!)

  6. You are so brave to talk about this! I hope that the blogger that contacted you was nice about it. There are so many different versions of the same thing out there, it can be hard to be super original in blogland sometimes! Knowing you, I know that you would never intentionally take something and I'm sorry that someone thought you would do that.

  7. kudos to you for for admitting this. I've definitely ALMOST done this as well. blogging is such a massive world it's hard to keep track of everything sometimes. you definitely did the right thing. :) good job! I think it's important to just act like adults and reply in the nicest way possible since the majority of the time it's most likely a mistake!

  8. You're not a douche bag and sometimes ideas comes from others rather we share where we got those ideas. What's it matter b/c life is life. Life happens and sometimes we see others have ideas and that doesn't mean we have to say hey..."GOT THIS IDEA FROM SO AND SO". And so I'm gonna use it. How about the person think their idea was so awesome that you decided to use it. I mean, damn it.


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