a bit of gratitude for my readers

Today I want to express some gratitude to you... my readers.
You see, I have been doing this whole blogging thing for a little over a year now- like 15 months- and I really hadn't realized the growth until now. I mean, sure I look at my page views, but unless I'm applying for a paid opp or even a review to get some free product, I really don't pay attention to the numbers. I'm weird like that, I know.
On Thursday- the day after my birthday- I received an email from Bloglovin... basically it said, "hey you, guess what! You just became awesome and have five hundred people following you!" I was astounded and floored. I seriously couldn't believe it...
I couldn't believe that 500 people actually care enough to read about me and my ramblings of lifestyle happenings... that 500 people actually are entertained by what I have to say.... that 500 people actually like seeing my face on a daily basis...
Sure, I get the random email notifications that clog up my inbox from Bloglovin, but I couldn't believe the milestone I had just hit- I started this here piece of the web, that just so happens to be owned by BlogSpot (I swear I'm working on my own url!), as an outlet. An outlet for my feelings, wants, and desires, but most of all as a place to channel all my energies into and make the world a better place. Yeah, I had high hopes- it was like wishing for world peace, I tell ya.
But this place has turned into a place for me to connect with my readers- heck I talk to other bloggers like they're my besties and the closest I've come to meeting them is watching their vlog- and for me to fell like I belong. I love the support and the sense of community that blogging has brought me. Oh and the free product hasn't hurt either. Ha!
But really, I want to give you all a HUGE THANK YOU for reading and following along with me. You guys are simply the best! And I am so lucky to have you! xo
ps.. have you filled out the google doc to get a Christmas Card from me yet? If not... here it is!
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