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When it comes to TV, Fall happens to be my FAVORITE season. Sure, Summer shows are amazing, but there is just something about a good Fall show. Maybe it's because the run time is like eight months instead of three? 

So what will I be watching this Fall season?

Favorite returning shows:

Sons of Anarchy 
FX | September 9
Ok, I know this premier has already come and gone, but DAMN!

The Blacklist
NBC | September 22
Hands down, one of my FAVORITE new shows from last year! It just keeps you guessing and the number one question: is Red Elizabeth's father or not?

Chicago Fire
NBC | September 23
Hello hot suff! MMM... the man candy in Chicago Fire is off the chain! But what happened to Firehouse 57? They ALL went into a building, and it blew up. Is anyone alive? I personally would assume so, especially because I've seen some behind-the-scenes pictures on Insta. All I got to say: they better be alive, because I really want to know if Dawson said yes or no.

Chicago PD 
NBC | September 24
Another beautiful creation by Mr. Dick Wolf, last season Chicago PD left us wondering: who done it? As in, who killed Jin: Stillwell or Voight? Personally, I think it was Stillwell, but it's anyone's guess. One things for sure: expect some crossovers between Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, AND Law & Order: SVU.

Law & Order: SVU 
NBC | September 24
What is this, the fourteenth or fifteenth season? I'm not sure, but I am sure that I would like someone to bring sexy Stabler back... Am I right ladies? Anyways, I have no idea where this season is going to go, especially since last season, Benson spent some time with, and then killed her psychopath abuser. Honestly, was there even an "OMG" moment at the end? I don't know, because the season wasn't memorable. In the end, I watch, because you can watch an episode, then miss 3, and come back knowing exactly what's going on.

MTV | September 23
Yes, I am one of those people who watch MTV for the shows (don't judge- if they had music, I'd watch that), and Awkward is my number one go to! The 30 minutes weekly peeks into Jenna Hamilton's life amuses the shit out of me. And what to expect this season? Is Eva's baby really Matty's? And will Jenna ever find happiness?

Grey's Anatomy 
ABC | September 25
It pains me to say this, but I really think Grey's is going to be coming to a close within the next year. But, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, Christina lost the Harper Avery, but now has a hospital to herself, Jackson and Kepner are expecting a baby, and Richard finds out that he fathered a child with Ellis, aka Meredith's mom.

ABC | September 25
It's no secret that I love me some scandal, and I will quite possibly watch this premier on live tv (most of my stuff is DVR'd until I have the time). Why? Well because Fitz was going crazy, Olivia had elected to say "screw Fitz" (not literally in the case), and fly off into the sunset with Jake. Where did she go? No one knows, but there is talk of a deserted island.

Once Upon a Time
ABC | September 28
Who ever isn't awaiting the series premier has got to be off their rocker! Why? Well, because the much awaited premier is featuring Elsa, the Queen of Frozen! Oh and Anna! But, it's ELSA people!!!

The Originals
CW | October 6
MMM... another man candy show. I am super excited to see what troubles the gang is going to get into this season!

American Horror Story
FX | October 15
I really didn't care for the last installment of AHS, but "Freak Show" seems to aim to please. Even my husband said that he wouldn't mind watching. But we shall see.

NBC |October 24
Will Nick regain his powers?

The Vampire Diaries
CW | October 28
I'm not so sure if I am highly anticipating this one or not. I stopped watching mid-season last season, because the whole Katherine wanting to take over Elena's life was getting old. I guess I will watch the premier and see if I have the "need" to watch it again.

CW | October 29
Why can't Mary and Francis just be happy?

Anticipated New Shows:

The Mysteries of Laura
NBC | September 17
I have been missing Debra Messing since Will & Grace ran it's course, and I will gladly watch a show where she is a "crack detective with a turbulent" home life.

Madam Secretary
CBS| September 21
I love Tea Leoni, and the previews for Madam Secretary look amazing.

ABC | September 22
A cute guy who can't die? Well of course, I'm in!

CBS | September 22
A drama about hackers. Sounds interesting.

How to get away with Murder
ABC | September 25
Just the title interests me... well, and the trailer.

Bad Judge
NBC | October 2
He he! Oh Addison, be good for once! 

The Flash
CW | October 7
Sounds interesting... 

State of Affairs
NBC | November 17
I'm a sucker for a good political drama.

What will you be watching this Fall TV season?
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  1. I am so pumped to see this new How to Get Away With Murder. I love everything Shonda Rhimes does. I'm also super pumped for OUAT!

  2. You are so right, autumn is the best time of year for TV! Although I have to be honest the only ones from your list I know are Greys and vampire diaries (mainly because they've used the songs from my favourite band Anberlin in the soundtracks!).
    I'm excited as Downton Abbey returns this weekend over here. So so excited! Then we get your new series of Nashville in January I believe, when you get our series of Downton.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Awkward, but need to catch up on the 2nd half of last season. It's my guilty pleasure:)

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget


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