fall bucket list

Bucket lists are all the rage nowadays. It's crazy... I mean, the whole idea of a bucket list, is actually kinda morbid- complete a list of things before I die. Of course I'm just being a hypocrite, because you and I both know I have one. Ha! 

So a derivative of the whole bucket list idea, is the seasonal bucket list. Basically it's just a list of things one would like to accomplish by the end of that particular season, even it they tend to blend together. I, along with every one else, made one for Summer, and now, of course, there is one for Fall. Maybe even winter will be in the mix? But my reason for making a fall bucket list? The hubby's upcoming surgery and the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall!

Enjoy at least three pumpkin spice latte's from Starbucks
Pumpkin pie blizzard
Trick r Treat
Bonfire with S'mores
Drink apple cider
Jump in a leaf pile
Visit the apple orchard
Visit a pumpkin patch
Decorate a pumpkin (either painting or carving is acceptable)
Fall photo shoot
Complete at least one Halloween craft
Make a leaf imprint with Lil Man
Go on a hay ride
Watch a Halloween movie
Go to a haunted house
Go to the zoo
Attend a fall festival
Make & enjoy caramel apples
Learn how to make a new festive desert
Take a walk and enjoy some nature

What's on your Fall bucket list?
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  1. I love theidea of a seasonal bucket list, you have some great ideas on here!

  2. Love, love, love! I saw the pumpkin pie blizzard is back yesterday and I had to keep serious self control to keep from stopping! lol So good! We have plans to do a lot of these so I think we're right on track! :) LOVE me some fall fun.


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