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Fall is upon us (at least in my area), so I figured it was time to make a fall clothing wish list.

I am not like most girls, and need a whole new wardrobe for fall or anything like that. I tend to keep my clothes in pretty good condition, and don't really fluctuate in weight; so at the end of the seasons, I usually mend my knits (if it's needed) and put them away in a tote.  

My fall style is quite simple: I am loving the open/flyaway cardigans, open knits, leggings, and flats. Simple, I told ya. Being a stay at home mom, I rely on comfortable clothes that look good, so I can wear them to my part time job. I also look at the "cost per use" of clothing when buying, because who really wants to buy a sweater for like fifty bucks and only wear it once? It's absurd. 

Anyways, my list includes items to update my wardrobe. Those items are (going counterclockwise from the grey sweater):

Claire Scrunch Flat | menswear- $26.99 
Claire Scrunch Flat | nude- $26.99 

What's on your fall wish list?
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  1. I love that floral printed tank! That is such a great piece for layering!

    Your post would be perfect for my fall link up today ;)

  2. Flats and boots are my faves! I especially love the riding boots you picked out. I just ordered some boots from Alloy, though...

  3. I have those nude flats!! They are the best EVER! After I wore one pair out I went and bought another! They are sooo comfy and cute. Nice to find you through the link up!!

  4. I am LOVING that cardigan - and the pumpkins of course, duh ha!


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