five thoughts...

one || Fall is definitely here, and I am about two seconds away from bursting out my boots. Winter boots that is. 

two || I have been doing pretty good on the whole "No spend September" thing. I haven't bought anything for myself, and that's really a rarity. Unfortunately, I really think I am going to break down and buy Whitney's new IWYP shirt. Be Strong Girl, Be Strong! 

three || My one year blog anniversary is coming up next week, and I have been thinking about re-branding; aka, changing the name. I don't know if I actually will, I mean this year has been amazing- I have hit over 400 on Bloglovin, Twitter, and Facebook and people actually read what I have to say. That itself is pretty awesome. We'll revisit this later. 

four || I am super happy with the blogs that I chose to sponsor this month. My page views have definitely risen, and the tweets/comments are genuine. Love Love Love to all the sponsorees and thank you! xo

five || Have you seen the new pretties that I put in the Etsy Shop? I am really proud of my painted stem wine glasses, and I know I would love one as a wedding present or housewarming gift. Or even an amazing coffee mug! Oh btw... Did you know that I am running a 25% off sale? Yep! Just use code HELLOFALL25 for 25% off your entire order! 

six || Since I'm not really diving into my week (I just don't feel like it), I am going to give some blogger love... 

~ Read these :) ~

A Parin' o' Fonts by Love the Here and Now & The Grits Blog. I am a sucker for some good fonts (have you seen my Pinterest board), and well, Anne & Ash share some pretty awesome ones. 

Maroon Five: V by Life with a side of coffee. Maroon Five happens to be one of my favorite bands and I love when someone does an album review. 

One Year Ago Today... (& a big giveaway) by Hello Rigby. Like I said, my one year blog anniversary is coming up next week, and I can totally identify with Jenn. I really like her reader survey, and may be hosting my own. 

Refresh by Marry Mint. I've been int he mood for cleaning lately (um... yeah, I just said that) and I love the way Amanda gives some little charts to help out with it all- especially the closet :) 

Creating a Blogging Income by Oak & Oats. Everyone always asks how they can make money from blogging, and Elizabeth gives you the run down- with links. Cha-ching. 

How was your week? Any random thoughts?

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  1. Thanks for sharing our posts!! Rebranding huh? Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  2. Kudos to you for sticking it out with No Spend September!! I'm highly considering it for October - I need to crack down on all of my un-necessary purchases.

  3. Don't buy it! Hang strong girl - you are almost halfway there!!!

    And winter boots?! Oh em gee!! Girl it's still in the 90's here ha!

  4. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! :) This is my first time stopping by, but it seems like "100 Tiny Wishes" is working for you. In fact, its the name that caught my attention and brought me here from a link up on The Freckled Fox's facebook page!

    My husband and I have a goal to only spend money on the necessities this month. It's hard! We can do it though and so can you! In the end, when you have all that "extra" money still, it'll be worth it and you'll have something to be very proud of!!

  5. Loved the refresh post! I would tell you to stay strong, but I think I need to buy Whitney's shirt too... Love it. Thanks for linking up!


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