Five Years...

Did I ever tell you guys the story of how I met my husband?

I know it used to be on my About Me page, before it was redone.

Anyways, I met the number one man in my life at a bar almost seven years ago. Yes, we were both drunk, and that is most likely why I picked up his phone and put my number in. But don't worry, we had mutual friends, so I wasn't putting my number in some random guy's phone. :)

Nothing happened until a couple of weeks later, when I randomly texted him. Of course there was some explaining to do- who I was... was I stalking him... what did I look like... - but a date was eventually set to hang out.

After the "first date", everything was a whirlwind of romance- I moved in with him two weeks later, he bought an engagement ring four months, by seven months, we had a dog, nine months, a new place to live, and on out one year, he proposed. No, I was not pregnant. We just knew.

We were married almost eight months later, on September 5. It was a rather humid day, but one of THE BEST of my life.

That was five years ago.

In those five years, I have learned to share (a quality that I should have learned in kindergarten), how to love, how to compromise, to cook, to not give up, and communicate.

Happy fifth wedding anniversary boo. Here's to the next five. xo 
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  1. Congrats on 5 years! I'm celebrating our two week anniversary this weekend! Cannot wait for 5!

  2. That is adorable! When you know you know (allegedly, I'm not sure myself haha)


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