and the thunder rolls...

I almost never have an eventful weekend that actually warrants an entire blog post about it. I mean, I can usually describe it in two sentences or less, and the norm is work, park, maybe dinner, etc, etc.
Not today...
Today I am grateful.
I am grateful for the five roses I got from my husband on the day that we had been married for five years.
I am grateful for the amazing concert that I went to.
I am grateful for amazing friends.
I am grateful for the new Coach purse I acquired over the weekend (no, I didn't actually spend any money to buy it- I sold one of my other ones to get the money for it).
I am grateful for my job.

I am grateful for an amazing weekend.

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  1. Looks like you had a blast!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away Advice & Fashion Blog

  2. It looks like you had an amazing weekend :) Congratulations and Happy Anniversary xx

  3. I know some people think that roses are "cliche" but I still get butterflies when my husband brings home roses for me :) Looks like you had the best time at the concert- I had a lot of friends go to that and said it was SO good!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Sound alike you had a great weekend...well-deserved!


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