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Here's a new one I haven't talked about before... sex. For those of you wanting to press that X button, please stay with me, because I have a point here, I swear. For those of you wanting me to get all graphic, go away. Now.


I have been reading about how people have been condemning the Fifty Shades of Grey books and are going to be boycotting the upcoming movie because of religion and because they think the moral of the story teaches women that it's ok to be in an abusive relationship as long as you get some pleasure out of it. And they think that that is just wrong.

While I do agree that abusive relationships are wrong, I have to disagree that this book has anything to do with religion or sin. Sure, there is a lot of explicit sex scenes in the book, and it is literal written pornography, but it is for entertainment, as most pornography is. I am not going to lie to you guys, sure I read the book, hell, I read the whole damn trilogy. And you know what, I read it over a couple of days, because I couldn't put it down. Granted it was horrible writing (who the hell refers to a woman's parts as her "sex"- c'mon, we are not in eighth grade here), and the story line kinda sucked, but the sex scenes were amazing.

Do you know why?

Because it gives run of the mill housewives and non-adventurous-in-the-bedroom-types a chance to see into that world. S&M is a rarely talked about taboo that people want to shove into a closet and never think about. E.L.James burst that closet door wide open, and her books were widely accepted and achieved cult-following status within the first three months of publishing. It was the first of it's kind, and it was entertainment. And even now, you can't pick up an issue of Cosmo, without an excerpt of one of their "red hot" love stories. 

I understand that people have their beliefs and morals, but I personally believe in tolerance and acceptance, and the power to choose. Thought, I don't think that people should be looking down on E.L. because she decided to give women something. Something that educated and entertained in one. Something that hasn't been done before. Well, except in your Grandmother's Harlequin romances. 

On the subject of the actual movie itself- I won't be seeing it in theaters. I wasn't ecstatic that they were making an actual movie, because a) everyone's idea of Christian Grey is different and b) if they really want to satisfy the people, then the movie literally had to be XXX. It's a sticky situation, and they shouldn't have made a movie. Plus Jamie Dornan is not. that. hot. 

I mean, what do you guys think?

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  1. Someone actually made the book into a pornographic movie already, just titled something slightly different. I do plan on seeing it in the theater because I just want to see how they put such a graphic book into an R rated movie and don't want to read about in on blogs,facebook and basically ever social media site before I see it.

    I do think they should of chosen someone different as Christian Grey but you're right everyone has there own view on him and he's not mine (I personally think Channing Tatum has the better body for Christian Grey but not necessarily the face)

  2. I love this post! I read the trilogy and loved it. I wish the people condemning it would actually read it instead of knocking it. If you read it and hated it, fine, but at least you know what it's about. I'm going to see the movie but I agree with your assessment of Jamie Dornan:)

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

  3. Quite frankly, I don't understand what all the buzz is about. It's a book. Read it or don't. Like it or don't. Why do we have to make this about anything more than entertainment?! Sheeesh!

    (I read the books and enjoyed them. They were made to be entertaining and were just that for this mama who was bedridden with morning sickness as I read them.)

  4. I was really hoping for Ian Somerhalder to play Christian, but I suppose I'll have to settle for Jamie Dornan. I hope that the movie is at least somewhat like the book (the same story lines, character personalities, etc.), without so much of the pornographic element. I loved the books and can't want to see how they actually accomplish showing this movie in theaters!


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