Saying hello to August

Happy August friends! I seriously can’t believe how fast July went- I know I say that every month. But this time I really mean it.

Let’s recap my July, shall we?
  • I had gallbladder surgery, and said goodbye to my beloved “Fred”. 
  • My hubby basically got fired from his back doctor, but the good news is that he is going to see another one at the end of August. 
  • I still don’t have a full-time job, but now I am actively looking. 
  • I met the amazing Erin from Living in Yellow at the County Fair, and speaking of the County Fair, Lil Man rode his first ride there and gave a cow some love. 
  • I completed some things on my #summerbucket list (I will be recapping them this week) and had fun doing it!   

Not a bad month, huh?

So what did this last week of July teach me? Way to damn much, but some much needed lessons.

ONE | Sometimes a haircut can de-stress and new outfit can give a gal a new perspective on life. 
I had needed a haircut for-ever and well, I finally took the plunge and went to Ulta for the best experience ever. Sure, it had been my third hair cut with Ulta, but this time it was different. I loved my stylist, I loved the way she styled my hair, and I loved the environment. I walked out feeling de-stressed and amazing! 

TWO | Maybe my hubby isn’t the bad guy for only wanting one child. 
While at the park this week, I was talking to a few other moms and they were talking about they love the age difference between their children- which ranges from 1-3yrs- and it really got me thinking. I have wanted another child, because I would like a girl, but have never wanted my children close in age. Does that make me a bad parent? I mean, I love how I have been able to bond with Lil Man, and spend that one-on-one time with him, being able to teach him and what not. 

As to a second child, I have always wanted to wait until Lil Man is in school before we actually take the plunge. But the thing is, do I really want to go back to all the screaming and crying, and smelling like baby puke all the time? Sure, it’s a personal decision, but I think it’s mine and the hubby’s decision. I think the one thing that actually gets to me, is when I say that I want another, someone telling me that I don’t need another one; that Lil Man is worth three. Sure he’s a bit hyperactive, it happens, but this is my uterus, and no one is going to tell me that I can't have another child. And if I decide or a joint decision with my hubby is to have another child, then so be it. 

THREE | There is more to life than blogging.
I have been pulling back from posting 5+ days a week lately, and I wasn't sure exactly why. I mean, I love blogging, but Jade + Oak's "Reasons to step away from your blog" really put things into perspective. I realized that maybe my family and housework has taken a backseat to my blog, and I never wanted that to happen. Granted I am still trying to figure out how to juggle everything, but I think that since it is the summer, it's time for me to be with my family; and instead of scheduling them around "blog time", it's time to schedule "blog time" around them. 

FOUR | Even if I'm not perfect, at least I'm perfect in the eyes of my child.
A Beautiful Exchange's "You are a difference maker" hit the nail on the head with this. She talked about how as a stay-at-home mom, you are making a difference in your child's life; by teaching them, playing with them, disciplining them, cleaning with them,  and so many other things. It really made me think about how I am making a difference in Lil Man's life. Do I spend enough time with him? Do I teach him enough? Am I a good mom even when I tell him to get out of my kitchen when he runs through my dirt pile and spreads it all over the floor again? Do I yell too much? So many questions ran though my head with Hayley's post...

So, earlier this week, I decided to take a break from social media and blogging  and have a mommy and Lil Man day. Because even though I'm a stay-at-home mom, and I spend time with him on a daily basis, am I really spending time with him? Basically, I wanted one day that I didn't have to do any cleaning, any laundry, any cooking, and give him a hundred and ten percent of my attention. And truth be told, I loved it. We went to get his hair cut, had a big pretzel for lunch, and then went to the park. Sure he had a couple of time outs at the park (I still had to be a mom), but overall, he loved the idea of the mommy & me day. And so did I. 

FIVE | Stop trying and embrace your natural beauty, because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
Truth be told, I really wanted to link up with the "florkens" for their "Don't try so hard" linkup, because it was about embracing your natural beauty. Basically they wanted you to take a picture (or pictures) of yourself without your makeup or hair did, and let your natural beauty and all of your "imperfections" show. We as women (and some men) are quick to judge one another on the basis of beauty, and sure I may be guilty, I really think that it's wrong. We should all be supportive of each other! 

Even though I loved all the links from the link up, the one that really hit me was Two Martinis' "A different kind of beauty". Lisa Marie posted a beautiful picture of her and her tiny newborn, but it wasn't your normal, this is amazing and blog worthy photo. The photo is raw. It's a raw glimpse into the world of motherhood. It's of her on the couch, probably tired as hell, half naked, with a tiny human on her chest, and a dog next to her for support. It. is. beautiful. 

On another note, do you even know how hard it was to find a picture of myself, without any makeup? I am either always wearing mascara or never take a picture of myself without looking "perfect". Welp, that is certainly going to change! I mean wth am I teaching my son? That a woman has to put on makeup to look beautiful? No. No. Just no. 

How was your week? Month? Learn anything new?


  1. still jealous you met erin. and i totally want to do the no makeup link too! i just have yet to get my act together. and isn't it amazing how good a little hair wash, cut and style can make you feel? i absolutely love it...even if it's just a trim. happy weekend, gal!

  2. I'm not sure why people feel it is their business when it comes to deciding when and how many children someone should have. My oldest is almost 16 and my other two are 2 and 4. People irritate the life out of me when they tell me I'm crazy for waiting so long or why did you have two more...wouldn't one more enough? You are so right, it's a decision to be solely made by you and your husband


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