Five wardrobe staples I would be lost without

I'm a girl, therefore I love shopping. And boy do I love it. My favorite thing to shop for is home decor, but my second favorite is clothes. I mean, everything I walk up into Target, I am always coming out with a tank top, shirt, or scarf. It's crazy. Sure, I love my tank tops, scarves, boots, fuzzy socks, and so on, but there are definitely some wardrobe items that I would be lost without...

one || jeans
Boyfriends, boot cuts, wide leg, cut offs, capris... oh my. Yes, my list could go on and on, and it just makes sense; jeans are the most versatile item of clothing out there. They can be tight or baggy, dressed up or down, be worn to work or to a ball game, rolled up or cut off to make shorts... etc etc. Jeans... the best invention since sliced bread.

two || flip flops
I could seriously replace all of my shoes with flips flops, and be completely satisfied (well except for in the winter). I love the rubber soled ones, the t-strap ones, the sequined and jeweled ones, the foam/shower ones... omg, I really can even begin to actually express my love for flip flops. I have several (and by several I mean like ten-ish) pairs that I have for regular usage, and about ten more in the closet for back up. I am definitely the type of person that stocks up in the fall/winter when they are on clearance, because well, even though flip flops are cute and cheap, they rarely last more than one summer or two.

three || bangles
Granted, jewelry is considered a completer piece in my book, I do believe that jewelry is a big part of a wardrobe. It can make or break, set the tone, and add that special something to an outfit. Personally, I am a fan of bangles. I own, but don't wear a lot of bracelets, but if I wear one thing- it is a bangle.

four || cardigans
Cardigans are the equivalent of jeans in my book. They can be dressed up or down, worn anywhere and over anything, and just make an outfit look amazing. I own about twenty-ish cardigans in almost every color imaginable, well except for red, purple (plan on buying soon), orange, and mint, because I love how a cardigan can give an outfit that pop of color.

five || undergarments
Sure, it sounds like common sense, but I am ultimately referring to shapeware. Yep, I am talking about Spanx. Sure a bra and underpanties (or thong, if you're like that) help a whole hell of a alot, but I seriously love and couldn't dress without my shapeware. Daily, I wear a cotton & spandex tank top that sucks in my mummy tummy, and smooths out my back fat. Yep, I just said it. My name is Tabitha and I have back fat. Ha. Anyways, I also love my thigh shaper. I have rather large thighs and well, the shaper prevents thigh chaffing and slims my mummy tummy. I never go out in public without some sort of shapeware on- even my swimsuit has a shaper panel in the tummy!

As you can tell, I'm really not that hard to please, have an obsession with versatile pieces, and am self conscious (it happens!). What are your five wardrobe staples that you would be lost without?

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  1. What brand do you use - actual Spanx or something else? I'm always on the hunt for good shapewear... what I have is ok, but I'm looking for a miracle worker :)

  2. Jeans are definitely a staple in my wardrobe. With three kids, it just makes the most sense for me!


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