Small Bathroom Organization

I'm not sure if I've ever talked about it before, but I basically live in a one bedroom apartment with my hubby, Lil Man, a dog, a cat, and a tortoise. And that means that there is one rather small-ish bathroom for two adults and a child... which was a problem until I discovered something...


When we first moved into our current living situation, I was not pleased with the bathroom. Sure, it seemed nice, but there really there wasn't alot of storage. I mean, sure there is a mirror with a medicine cabinet attached, an under the sink area, and a cabinet over my toilet, but there wasn't ANY room for all of my beauty products. AND since we rent from family, we really couldn't do anything permanent.

The first thing my hubby did was give me some shelves, which freed up the space on the sink. Side Note: I hate a cluttered sink!

So with all of the clutter off of the sink, I decided to maximize my under sink storage. Instead of getting some little shelves, I decided to pick some clear storage boxes up from the dollar store for under $6. The basket was free- it came with a bath set, but you can grab one at Michaels or Hobby Lobby for under $10, if you so choose. 

BUT with the shelves and space actually maximized under the sink, I still didn't have anywhere to put my hair or makeup items. So I went to Walmart and picked up a Sterilite 3-drawer medium cart. I was certainly amazed that it fit perfectly into the space right beside the sink.

So how did I organize my drawers?

Drawer One || Hair accessories
The first drawer includes things that I use on a daily basis, and need to be in reach. Things like combs, brushes, bobbie pins, hair ties, alligator clips, etc. Basically anything that is NOT product, is in this drawer. 

This drawer also has two accessory organizers that I grabbed at Walmart about six months ago. Before I grabbed them, the drawer had everything just thrown in. 

Drawer Two || Hair products
There are two sections to this drawer: smaller products are in the green tub and the full size products are all over the drawer. Self Explanatory. And yes, I know I have alot of products.... Product junkie, remember?

Drawer Three || Makeup
Anything makeup related, except makeup remover and facial wipes, is in this drawer. I don't wear makeup every single day, so it doesn't have to be within immediate reach. The pink and black Benefit bag holds my "everyday" makeup, the polka dot holds extras that I don't want to go search for, the purple in the back holds my samples from Sephora, and then all my mascaras and eyeliners are together in cup in the back.

So there you go, a nicely organized bathroom. Sure, I could have showed you a picture of the cabinet above my toilet, but who really wants to see a toilet anyways?

How do you organize your bathroom? Any tips or tricks?


  1. We have a house but we still have a similar problem. One thing that I did was put an over the door plastic organizer in a closet right outside the bathroom. It holds products that I don't use on a daily basis like cotton balls, sunscreen, face masks, fingernail polish, headbands.....
    I'm sure you have seen this trick before. I also use baskets under the sink. One basket is just for bathroom cleaning supplies. I also use half my towel rod (the one under the medicine cabinet that we never use because we have another one on the opposite wall) for clippes because I use them a lot when I do my hair. I also keep a small metal basket by the tub for all my shower products. If we leave them around the tub Jack messes with them. I don't even have room for a 3 drawer plastic thing.

  2. Nice organization! I have a double vanity for our master bath and then a pretty large one for the 2nd bathroom in our condo. Since I'm still unpacking and getting things organized I can't give any tips at this point! What I don't have is any additional space to put anything in my bathrooms!

  3. I love how organized everything is!! I totally could have used this in our last apartment and when we were living with our friends for 6 months. Deff pinning it in case I find myself in a small bathroom again lol Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Visiting from the blog hop! I love this. None of my vanity's drawers open, so I'm always trying to find new ways to store things. Thanks for the ideas!


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