Five Beauty Products I can't live without

Happy Monday friends :)

I have a confession... I am a product junkie. Ok, that just sounds wrong. Allow me to explain: I am referring to beauty products, but I guess that comes with being a girl, especially one that loves new products and has a  quest to find the next big miracle product. But even though I have enough hair products to rival a salon, and enough "back up" makeup to put Ulta to shame (not really, but you get the picture), I could throw everything away and not freak out.

Well, almost everything.

one || mascara
To say brand doesn't matter, would be a lie. I love my Benefit BadGal Lash. But if worse came to worse, I would choose Dollar General mascara over no mascara. And it has to be either black or brown- black preferably. Why? Because I have super light eyelashes and I look rather cray cray with no color on them. That and because mascara just opens up your eyes. It can make you look awake, complete a look, and so many other things that I can't think of right now. Bottom line, mascara is by far my favorite makeup product, and if they stopped making it, I would seriously cut someone.

two || bobbie pins
Bobbie pins are the epitome of hair design, and they are amazing. I literally have no preference in brand here- they just have be non-slip. AND always in reach when I need them.

three || leave-in conditioner
I have alot of damage going on in my hair, so leave-in conditioner is a must after the shower, and when I get out of the pool. I love how it tends to smooth my fly aways, without making my hair look like a grease pit. My favorites are Beauty Protector and It's a 10

four || lip balm
Lip balm is an addiction- I practically have one in every room of my house, in my purse, and in my car. It's crazy, I know. I have severely dry lips, so I tend to like minty flavors, like EOS Sweet Mint.

five || spray on lotion
Relatively new to me, this stuff is definitely a God-send! It saves time, and I am able to lotion-ize my back, which is really hard to do with regular lotion when you have short arms. Vaseline has a really good cocoa butter one, and St. Ives has a rather nice smelling coconut milk one. 

What products can you not live without?


  1. Along with bobby pins I have to have ponytail holders. I also can't live without mascara and eyeliner. I'm not a huge beauty product person. I love products but it is usually the house cleaning kind.

  2. I've never tried that mascara but I absolutely love the container lol


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