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Yesterday, I was a bad blogger... I had an idea of what I wanted to post, and guess what... I never wrote it up. You see, I have this calendar where I write down ALL of my blog post ideas, and what days I want to do them on, and well, yesterday was supposed to be a style post. But, as we all know, style posts usually include pictures of outfits and links to those outfits, and honestly, I just didn't have the time between all of the summer storms that we have been getting to actually go out, set up the tri-pod, and have myself a little photo shoot. I must apologize for this. Not only to you guys, but to myself. And I also missed Kathy's confessions. Wow.

Anyways, since I missed one of my favorite weekly linkups, I am definitely not missing Helene and Sarah's #totalsocial. Their link up is once a month, and gives bloggers a chance to connect via social media. July's monthly link up focuses on favorites- favorite photo, favorite memory, favorite whatever your little heart desires.

For my contribution to the link up, I am going to talk about pictures. 

If someone asked you to summarize your life in five pictures or less, could you? And what if they told you that that had to be already taken- meaning that you couldn't go out and just take five random ones. I know a lot of bloggers who ask you to do this type of thing when you sponsor them, and I always have the hardest time with it. 

Until now...

My family is the reason that I do everything. They are the reason that I breathe, the reason that I get through each day, the reason that I may be on verge of insanity, the reason that I have a purpose, the reason that I smile... the list could go on and on. The next five pictures convey that happiness that I feel on a daily basis because of my family. The next five pictures convey that love that I feel for them. 

What would your five or less photos look like? Who would be in them?

*also linking up with Treasure Tromp & The Grits Blog

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  1. Gorgeous and well shown. My top five would be of my two cats, my two kids, my dad and I on my wedding day, bible study time with my children and my best friend and I.

    PS. I never stick to my diary planned blog post subjects either x

  2. Awwww! Super precious! Mine would all be my family as well!

  3. My wedding day, one before marriage and baby hanging with friends, one with my parents, sister, and nephew, and the picture of me holding Jack for the first time.


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