things i really suck at

hi friends!

do you what what day it is? well do you?

yes, i am quoting a camel. ha! anyways, today is wednesday, so you know that i got some shiz to get off this chest...

today we are going to talk about...

one | day drinking.
see that picture up there... yeah, the bottle ain't even open :( apparently i am just too darn responsible to crack that sucker open and gulp down the liquid gold while there is still light out.

two | the selfie.
yes, i know i post alot of them on insta, but truthfully, i think i suck at them.

three | still photography.
this is dealing with taking pictures of my wine glasses and such. apparently i can never get the lighting just right, and my semi-professional pictures always look like shit.

four | time management.
yeah, i really suck at this. i am a procrastination, we all know that, and quite frankly i am seriously thrilled that i am done with college due to this fact. i hate having to divide my time between my kid, my job, the blog, household duties, etc etc.

five | cooking.
isn't knowing how to cook a pre-requisite for becoming a housewife? if it is, apparently i shouldn't be married. ha! ok, i know how to cook, but sometimes it's not exactly edible. 

six | walking.
sure this should be a given, but for some reason i really suck at the one thing all humans should be able to do. i can't walk a straight line if my life depended on it, have numerous bruises in the knee areas from low lying tables, and have a habit of checking to see if the walls are still there. i just thank the lord that my days of doing random gravity checks are over.

seven | taking off my makeup before bed.
this is a bad confession, especially since this blog is slowly morphing itself into a beauty blog... oops. it happens. and it happens because apparently i am just too damn lazy to pick up a makeup remover wipe and swipe it across my face. bad tabitha.

eight | remembering things.
just call me the post-it queen, because if i don't write it down, i ain't gonna remember to do it. i literally have to write down everything from grocery lists to weekly link ups to doctor appointments and everything in between. i don't know if it's mommy brain or what! again i thank the lord that my birth control is only a once a month deal, or i would definitely be giving lil man a sibling. 

nine | couponing.
apparently couponing is supposed to save people hundreds of dollars, right? yeah, not me. i will get a bunch of coupons, buy my shit, and check out, only to find out i only saved like twenty bucks out of the $140 i just spent. i either need a crash course or need to stop shopping at target.

ten | random blog posts.
i was going to say blogging, but that would be wrong, because i love blogging and even if i think i suck at it, someone thinks i am totally awesome at it :) but i have so many drafts of post with like a couple of sentences or maybe even a paragraph that don't even make sense. i usually wait till i have at least 7 of those to pull a whole post together, but as to blogging on a whim, yeah, i suck at that shit because half the time, it never makes sense. 

what do you suck at?

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  1. I too am awful at using coupons. I always end up buying stuff I wouldn't buy so I always end up spending more than I normally would. I suck at keeping the checkbook up to date. I suck at keeping my car clean.

  2. I can totally relate to the walking thing... Im not graceful at all!

  3. GAH I am so awful at taking off my makeup before just takes away time I could be sleeping. Haha. And photography? Well I'm a lost cause. I just stick with my phone for blog pics haha.

  4. hey saving $20 from couponing is still excellent! At least that's what I tell myself. The problem I have with coupons is that they are often for items that I wouldn't necessarily buy, so I spend more money buying those items than if I'd have just not bought the items to use the coupon. #firstworldproblems

  5. I'm awful at putting on makeup at all! And when I put it on I am awful at taking it off. Oops!

  6. I'm terrible at day drinking, it's embarrassing lol

  7. Haha love this. I am so bad at day drinking because I'm too tired for the night! I so wish I wasn't all the way in Australia and could order a darling wine glass!!


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