birchbox 'free for all' box review

as most of you know, i receive a awesome little box of samples every month, and that little box is called birchbox. well, about every couple of months, birchbox comes out with their limited edition boxes. usually the boxes are larger, and more expensive, but you know what you are getting.

their most recent limited edition box was the 'free for all' box, which box featured an ingredient-conscious collection free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). 

the first thing i tried was the alima lip tint, and to be honest, it tasted like dirt. but it gave great color, so once i got over the taste (might just be me), i fell in love. 

the nail polish remover smells amazing, and that is something i never thought i would say about a nail polish remover. it did however, take some rubbing to get off some 3 week old nail polish off my toes, but left my skin nice and moisturized. i am planning on buying a full-size bottle.

the serum is simply amazing. i have been using it once a day for a week straight, and have already seen a difference in the brightness of my face. i have also been using it in conjunction with the charcoal cleanser- which is pretty awesome in itself. it boasts that it "purifies, exfoliates, neutralizes acidity, restores pH balance, preps skin for moisturizer", and yes, yes it seriously does. this stuff is definitely worth it. 

the shave foam has an invigorating scent, and when i used it, it was seriously the first time i didn't get any nicks. worth it? oh yes! 

i haven't tried the teas, even though they do smell amazing, and the eyeliner, because, well, i just have too many. 

my favorite part of this box was the feed 10 pouch, a natural burlap bag gives ten school meals to children globally. isn't that amazing? the fact that i probably just fed ten kids?

the total cost of this bag was $44. was it worth it? personally, i think it was. 

you can check out birchbox's limited edition boxes here.
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  1. Thanks for sharing! I checked out the serum and it is 58 dollars but on Amazon it is $41 for the same size.


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