some days tend to suck, and they usually begin with m. i mean, what is it about mondays that make life seem that much harder? is it because the weekend is usually so awesome, and then there is monday... aka the down pour that just ruined your sixty-five dollar blowout (not that i would spend that much, but you get the picture)... aka the asshole infront of your that made your swerve and spilt the red icy all over your white pants... aka the pothole that made you trip and ruin your most treasured and expensive pair of jimmy choos... yeah this list can go on for a whole damn post if i really wanted it to.

anyways, some days, a picture is worth a thousand words.

so i give you, six reasons why life is beautiful....

if you can't tell, this post was supposed to be published yesterday... but then again, why not post a monday-bashing post on a tuesday. i mean, tuesday never gets any love anyways. monday post are either hateful or upbeat- there is no grey area, wednesdays are usually humpday confessions and "yay! the week's almost over", thursdays are usually #tbt, and fridays are, well, you know. so, tuesday is kinda like the odd man out.

here's to you tuesday!
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  1. I'm enjoying myself a Dr. Pepper right now as I am reading some of my favorite blogs.

  2. These snap shots are beautiful. you look great girl. the flowers are beautiful. not a fan of dr pepper. use to coke.


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