my momma

it's no secret that i'm a momma to a sweet and rambunctious lil man, but you know who has shaped me into the woman and momma that i am today? my own momma.

my momma is one of the kindest and giving people that you will ever meet. she would literally give you her last dying breath to make sure you have everything you need. she puts her all into everything that she does, and basically kills herself in the process.

my momma was twenty-one when she had me. she wanted someone to love her forever. sure, it sounds cliche, but my father wasn't a very awesome guy. (btw, if i ever refer to my dad, i am referring to my step-dad) so if you think about it... i was born out of love. :)

when my son was born, i don't think i'd ever seen my momma happier... well, except for on her wedding day. my hubby tells me that when she saw lil man, she just cried happy tears. 


my momma is just simply amazing... she has been through a divorce and remarriage, finished college, and practically raised me and my brother by herself. my momma is the best momma in the whole world (well, after me, of course) and i love her! 

xoxo momma

happy mother's day!
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comments have been disabled because this is meant to be a tribute to my momma.
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