best day of my life

happy friday friends!

 well, i guess you guys already know the main thing that happened this week, but let's recap, shall we?

one... graduation. it felt so good to finally graduate, and it felt even better that my family, especially my son, was there to see me do it! best feeling in the world. #toptenmoments

two... my swag swap box. after driving two hours each way for graduation, i came home to one hell of a swap box! my partner was way too good to me, and showered me with all of this. (i will be recapping and giving details on tuesday) 

three... bosco sticks. yes, finding a package of bosco sticks is actually making it on my list of top five moments... they reminded me of high school... 


four... new pretties. i made some new pretties for the shop, and i happen to really like these ones. i'm not saying that i don't like the other ones, but if these were in someone else's shop, i would definitely buy them. 


five... beautiful weather. sure it rained earlier in the week, but for a couple of days, it actually hit 80. summer is definitely on it's way, and i am sooo happy! 


and of course... i had to add a song...

yeah, basically sums up how i felt about graduation!!!

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  1. Congrats! Cute blog you have here! Glad I found it. :)

    -Trish @TrishListBlog

  2. Wow! Your Swag Box is A-MAZ-ing! You really got the hook-up. I love that fingernail polish color.


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