confessional stripes

i have some confessions...

-i usually don't wear stripes. in fact, i seriously think they are unflattering. but, with that said, i do own one stripe shirt that i am definitely in love with. why? well, because it's not your traditional stripe shirt; it's navy and white, and the back is lace. and it's super casual- which is my style!

shirt | maurices //  tank | target // jeans | vigoss via maurices // necklace | mint sugar boutique // bracelets: arrow & silver | maurices, clear & blue | designed & made by me :) 

-just like i was freaking about graduation, i am now freaking out about the "after". more on that later.

-my greatest fear is loosing my child. i have heard a lot about the story of a fellow blogger and the tragic death of her 3 1/2 year old little boy all over social media the past few days. though i didn't know jacqui or her family personally, her story really hits home, and my heart feels for her and her family. it's crazy how a spur of the moment decision can alter a life forever. cherish the time you have with your loved ones. #redballoonsforryan

-i know you guys have probably noticed a change in my writing, aka all small letters and nothing capitalized. well, i have been thinking about branding, and the fact that my title is in all small letters. basically, i want everything to be uniform.

-along with the writing changes, i will be doing some design changes withing the next couple of weeks. no, i am not jumping ship to wordpress (i'm not that talented yet), but i want to build a media kit and redo some of my pages. in other words, i want to clean everything up.

-i am going to be adding sponsorship options this month also. i love doing q & a questionnaires with other bloggers and i would like to start featuring them here.

-i am also starting to figure out what my blogging niche is... beauty. i have some makeup posts scheduled (yes, i'm beginning to be on top of my shit) for next week, and i really like doing them!

-i love to cuddle... :)

-i am going to be adding some new pretties in the shop by the end of the week, and through the month of may, you can use coupon code MAY25 for 25% off your entire order!!! 

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  1. I'm on a and I'm trying to figure out when to make the jump to .org. There's a book I want to get, Wordpress for dummies before I take that on...

  2. Thanks for linking up! I love all your confessions. And the top is super cute :-)

  3. I am in love with your shirt too!

  4. I for one think you look great here. Great outfit.
    I have read one mention about the little boy and not sure what went on. So I'm clueless there.
    I definitely need to change my font on the title of my blog post. its just not something i like anymore. its too big.
    cuddling is always nice.

  5. Love the shirt! I am a big fan of stripes too :)

  6. Thanks for linking up all of your confessions with us! I know, it is SO sad what happened to that little boy... I just can't imagine. :( I do love how the blogging community has lifted the family up with so much support. I love your striped/lace shirt! I am really into stripes AND lace... and a ton of other summer trends right now.

  7. I really do like this shirt. I feel the same way about stripes but I do have a few striped shirts that I love. I am so glad to be able to see your blog grow!

  8. Thanks, we appreciate your articles. Good day! DB Product Review

  9. Love the casual look, thanks for linking up with What She Wears!


  10. i love stripes! i kind of agree that they're not always the most flattering, but my closet is full of stripes anyway. i mostly use all lowercase too. it's just my thing:) thanks for linking up with 5 little confessions!

  11. Love this shirt on you, it is perfection! It sounds like you have a good blogging plan for your future, branding is important! Thanks for linking up with What She Wears!


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