ten favorite things | travel edition

i seriously love linking up with brianna. she does this monthly 'ten favorite things' linky, and since it's monthly, it's rather easy to remember.

well, it's usually done on mondays, and since i was busy graduating and getting back to normal, i apparently forgot about it. hey, i said rather easy to remember, right? anyways, to redeem myself, i decided to give you my ten favorite things today.

on with the show...

when i first heard of this month's topic, i wasn't sure what i actually wanted to do. there were basically two options: list ten things that i love about travel or give you my travel bucket list. it was simple, right? well, i wanted to do both, so for your enjoyment, i decided to split this thing up.

five favorite things i love about travel

one... escape. traveling, even if it's just overnight, gives you a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. you are able to be with your family, and just enjoy yourself.

two... food. i love love love trying the region's food when i travel. even if it's just a pizza place, it's still something that i don't have a home, and i love that.

three... culture. i love experiencing a new culture when i travel. and i love the accents.

four... memories. travel makes for great memories and stories. and great pictures.

five....companionship. having someone to travel with is the best and it's great to be able to make the memories with someone.

five favorite places i would love to travel to

one... washington, dc. i love history and dc is full of it.

two... disney world (florida). lil man would love this shit.

three... paris. i shouldn't have to explain myself. but i would love to go in the fall.

four... the top 10 creepiest places on earth. yeah, i'm weird like that, but it certainly sounds cool.

five... ireland. my genealogy hails from scotland and ireland, so it just seems fitting that i would want to visit one of the places of my ancestry.

what do you love about travel?
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  1. I love that memories is on your list--the best part of traveling!

  2. I would love love love to go to any of those places!!! And I would love to go to the creepiest places too that would be so cool! Thanks for linking up girl :)


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