The Good Life

Blogs are supposed to be a happy place, right? And it's really easy for a blogger to represent themselves in an edited light to achieve that goal. We can choose to share the happy, the ugly, the downright insane, or even pretend that we ride on unicorns that shit rainbows.

Basically it's kind of rare for a blogger to dive into their deepest fears or open themselves up and show the "real" side. That side that houses the flaws. That side that locks down the mental issues. Now, I'm not saying that we all belong in a psych ward (well.... ok, some of u do), but you should get where I'm going with this.

Why am I addressing this? I read two different posts, and I fell in love with both. The first one was from The Day Book, and the second one was from Erin at Living In Yellow. I loved the rawness of The Day Book's blog, and I loved Erin's response to the post. Why? Well, usually you don't see bloggers talking about their flaws.

On a side note, I love that shit. The talking about flaws and showing "behind the scenes" photos that paint a blogger in a different light. The light that shows that they are actually just like you and me (except more awesome) and just trying to make the world a prettier place. Call me sick and twisted, but I love the humanizing effect of it. 

Anyways, all of this leads me to my conclusion- I want this to be my happy place. Sure, I want to be able to show you guys the real me, but I want to stay optimistic, and show the “shitty shit” in a good light (if that’s even possible). I don’t really want to be that person who whines about how their life sucks (that’s for Facebook), because blogs aren't supposed to be like that. They are supposed to be happy, and are there to serve a purpose: entertainment, learning, or just to be. And I kinda want to be able to escape from the real world and take a ride on that rainbow shitting unicorn. Why? Because sometimes the sugar-coated fluffy place is better.

I mean, do you guys really want to hear about how my husband had his tooth pulled, and then bled on my white comforter? Or how apparently I am so absent minded that I forgot to pay a credit card payment last month, and now they are blowing up my phone non-stop, and instead of answering the phone, I choose to ignore them, and put my phone on vibrate? Or that I had high hopes for my Etsy shop and I have only sold three wine glasses and a couple of earrings (not that I'm complaining)? Or how after three in a half years, my son finally decides to puke in the middle of a restaurant (he's ok now). Or how I use a straighter like everyday, and my ends are fried? Yeah, probably not.

You guys don't come here for the sad stuff. You guys come here for the happy things. The somewhat "edited" side of me. You guys want to see the good life...

By the way, that's how I look on a daily basis... jeans, t-shirt, flip-flops. And that is a completely unedited photo. Yeah... 

Oh, how do I know that you guys want the good life? Well, because the beauty review and happy posts (and giveaways) tend to receive more views than the real shit posts. Says Captain Obvious. 

Ha! Yeah... anyways, just remember the next time you are reading one of my happy posts, I am just like you. Sometimes my hair looks h-to-the-orrible, I usually don't change out of sweats or yoga pants unless I'm going somewhere or taking pictures for you pretties, my kid doesn't always listen, I forget things, my house is always a mess, and more; yeah, this list can go on and on.

If you don't want to remember all that, just remember that you are just as awesome as I am, and the rainbow shitting unicorn is worth the ride. Well, most of the time.
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  1. Oh NO on the credit card thing. Not-so-fun fact, I was getting those calls from my student loan people and I had to call yesterday and get it straightened out!

  2. I completely agree. I absolutely love blogging, don't get mewrong; but sometimes I feel like my readers don't REALLY know me.
    I feel like they only know the optimistic, talented side of who I am when in fact there are days/moments where I am crushed and just unmotivated.

    Honest writing often equals great writing. Great post :)


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