My top ten Instagram fails

I have a confession... I was reading Tay's blog the other day, and something made a lot of sense to me. She was showcasing her top Instagram fails, (you know, cause us bloggers like to talk about the stuff we are doing wrong and all) and I realized that maybe I'm doing the whole Insta-world thing wrong.


Well, my blog IG and my personal IG are one in the same. I post pictures that pertain to my blog (aka promote posts), but I also post pictures of Lil Man that are cute and pictures of random shit. Maybe I should fix that. Then again this isn't such a big fail, but it sure makes it easy to stalk me ;)


One | The "I think this is cool, and I'm going to post it because I'm bored" post....

And of course that one didn't even get any likes... I wonder why...

Two |  The "I love moose, so I'm going to take a selfie with it post"...

Thanks for the likes guys... Magnus and I really appreciated it!

Three | The "I just got a haircut and have the need to show it off" post...

That wasn't even a good picture and my teeth look yellow. OMG... ick.

Four | The "It's f-ing hot out, and I think everyone should know" post. 

Yes, it was extremely hot a couple of summers ago, and  apparently I just wanted to share the triple digits. But, as you can see, no one liked it, again. Why? Cause newsflash... NO ONE CARED!

Five | The " I have way too much makeup and I wanna show it off" post...

One like... ppft. Noone cares, and the braggy needs to stop.

Six | The "I really don't want to post this, but I'm doing a stupid photo challenge" post...

I don't even look happy in this picture. I was stressed and tired, and for some reason I felt the need to share that with everyone for the sake of a photo challenge... Yeah, definitely not one of my best moments, and I must apologize. 

Seven | The "Hey I'm watching  a movie, so I must document it" post...

I'm twenty-eight, not twelve. I need to just stop. 

Eight | The "Bathroom selfie" post...

This picture sucks. I had just gotten out of the shower, so my hair was wet, and I looked like crap. And my mirror was dirty... Word to the wise, if you are going to take a "bathroom selfie" make sure it's at least a good one!

Nine | The "Food" post...

Of all the food choices to photograph, I chose to photograph Taco Bell... smh.

Ten | The "mirror selfie"...

I take so many mirror selfies that if my followers don't know what kind of phone I have by now, apparently they just don't pay attention or are living under a rock. I need to stop this. And I need to stop lying... the necklace was ugly. No wonder why it only go three likes. 

Yeah.... So I am proud to say that I have actually gotten better at the whole Instagram thing. I am starting to edit my photos with a nice little editing app, and getting more picky about what I post, which is good news for my followers. But then again, does it really matter if people don't care or "like" what I post? Not really, cause I love to take pictures and share them with the world! 

Oh, and a couple of things... I'm linking up with ShannaLizBella, & Kathy, if you stop by September Farm later today, you will see my guest post (and find a discount code for my Etsy shop), and there is still time to enter the $200 stella & dot giveaway!


  1. Love these {and love Taylor - she's stinkin' hilarious!}! I'm actually guilty of copying her post too! ;) It was just too fun of a chance to make fun of myself not to!

  2. Haha I pretty much feel like this every time I look through my instagram.

  3. i have no idea if i fall into any of the IG fails! i post and then forget i have it for about 5 days.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. HAHA awww!! lol hey at least we can laugh at ourselves right?? Always a good thing!! ;) So funny!!! <333



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