Iced coffee surprise, bubbles, and new shop pretties

Happy Friday pretty people!!!

The sun is shinning and it's nice to walk outside without a coat, so I am actually in a great mood on this gorgeous day! And the best thing? This week has been so good, so good! Why? Well, let me tell ya!!!

+ On Saturday my co-worker randomly brought me an iced coffee. Now mind you, I don't drink hot coffee, and I am rather picky about iced coffee, but it was a nice gesture indeed. I took one sip, and surprisingly, I fell inlove!!!

+ I made my first double layer cake for Easter, and even though it looks like a third-grader iced it, I am still proud of myself.

+ The Easter Bunny hid eggs in Grandma's yard, and it was really fun to watch Lil Man search for them.

+ I love bubbles. Period.

+ I did my first guest post this week at September Farm! And I am doing a celebratory giveaway... "winner's choice" of anything in my Etsy shop!

+ I also made some new pretties for my Etsy shop this week, and they are now available. Oh, and until Monday, you can use code TINYWISHES40 for 40% off your entire order, just as a Thank you for just being awesome!

+ Graduation is next week, and I am seriously psyched!

+ There is still time to enter the $200 stella & dot gift card giveaway!

Yeah, my week was totally awesome! And to celebrate, I'm kickin it old school with this hot jam:

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  1. the cake looks so good. so yummy. wish i could reach thru the computer and grab a piece :(

  2. Ha! Gotta love the old school music! I hope you can stop by:


  3. Wow! You really did have a great week. I had a pretty good week myself.

  4. That cake looks pretty yummy to me! No complaints here, though lord knows I don't need any dessert before my half on Sunday :)


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